Alyssa's Collection

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  1. Here is my latest collection. Will upload the rest of the old humble family soon....

    Loewe Amazona 28-Jade
    Patent Calf

    p/s. Trixie is in the pic too :P

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  2. I like the green in that Loewe Alyssa, can't wait to see the rest of your collection :smile:
  3. What a pretty shade of green!!!
  4. amazing finishes - thanks for sharing!
  5. fresh sweet yummy GREENNN!! :yahoo:
  6. ooh the jade colour is soo nice!
  7. Hi all,

    Thanks! I love the green too. When I was outside the boutique, I had my eyes on this green. Had used it during the CNY :cloud9: Its really spacious!
  8. A mixture of everything...
    Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry Bluelabel

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  9. lovely collection...
  10. Hi Alyssa, is the amazona28 the small size amazona?
    understand they have it in the mini, small, medium and xxl?
    lovely bag!! :smile: i almost wanted to get the purple
  11. Very nice!
  12. Hi Fireflies, I'm not sure...As when I went in the boutique I only saw majority 2 sizes. Mine is 29x17x14cms.
    I just checked out their website, found 3 handbags' sizes:

    HANDBAG AMAZONA 28: 29x17x14cms
    HANDBAG AMAZONA: 36 X 23 X 15cms
    HANDBAG AMAZONA 44: Shoulder bag
  13. i love the color of your amazona bag . it looks gorgeous
  14. hey alyssa, i almost got this same colour in Feb...but was eyeing the amazona 35 as i prefer bigger bags. in the end, i settled for the burgurdy patent as it's easier to match my colourful wardrobe...nonetheless, this green is really beautiful and eye-catching!
  15. that green is an amazing color