Alyssa Milano

  1. victoria secret after party
  2. She has gotten quite skinny herself!
  3. i wish charmed was still on
  4. I loved Charm..I think she gets prettier w/ age. She's beautiful.
  5. I think she's just the cutest little thing! Always has been!
  6. I think she's totally cute....although that dress seems to hang off her like a night gown.
  7. Always liked her....
  9. Simply a beautiful girl. (I didn't realize she was so tiny!)
  10. Love her - but the dress - not so much.
  11. Wow she lost a lot of weight! I like her more w/a figure...she had a gorgeous body.
  12. i love her. she's so pretty! and i miss Charmed :cry:!
  13. oh, i love her too-she's a natural beauty :love: i love her best with her naturally brown hair, not when it was dyed black or blonde
  14. MEE TOO:sad: :cry: :hysteric:
  15. She's so cute.