Alyson Hannigan in a bikini on the beach in Hawaii (04/26/07)

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  2. She looks great.
  3. she looks hot ! is that her husband ? i remember reading somewhere of her getting married
  4. I think she's adorable, but when I see pictures like this... I can't help but hope that she's slathering on the sunblock!!

  5. i cant tell exactly, but i think its him. she's married to the actor who played wesley on buffy and angel:love:
    alexis denisof i think is his name. he's american, even tho he always plays brits! lol
  6. She looks great!
  7. what really??? she married wesley?? that's crazy! :wtf: That's cool... got any real pictures?
  8. I've always thought they were such a gorgeous couple!

    Zzuliyta - here are a couple of recent pics of the two of them.


    alyson1.JPG alyson2.JPG
  9. She is sooooo pretty! I'm so glad they ended up together. They really do make a breathtaking couple.
  10. she is so pretty!and they are lovely couple i love them :biggrin:
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  12. Awww, such a cute couple! Thanks for the pics!
  13. I love her dark hair! She's so cute, and I love her new show, "How I Met Your Mother." It's so hilarious!
  14. Cute pictures!
  15. Man she is grogeous and he is hot. He def looks a lot hotter then he did on Buffy! They make quite the striking couple.