Alyona vs Westside

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  1. Hi, am new to the MJ sub-forum, and recently been on the look-out for either a quilted Alyona or a quilted Westside. Both styles are quite different but need to find out more about each bag so I'd know which I really want to buy. I have a quilted Stardust Stam and a small quilted Cecilia (yes I am obsessed with MJ quilted bags :nuts:).

    I don't really have any preference for hand-held or shoulder bags..... but I guess weight would be an important factor for me. So far, I find the Stam to be of an ok weight. Hope you girls can advise on your experiences with either of the bags so I can decide which to get. Oh, and I tend to carry quite alot of things with me to work. The small Cecilia tends to be of a snug fit for my stuff, and the Stam has been roomy enough.

    TIA! :smile:
  2. aesthetically, i like the Alyona a bit more than the Westside, but the Westside is amazing. it really is. sorry, i'm no help am i? :lol:
  3. i have both the alyona and the westside, and i use the westside a lot more. although the alyona is taller, the westside is wider and more spacious because it isn't compartmentalized like the alyona is. weight-wise i would say that the westside is lighter. although i have the lacquered quilting westside,which has a chain strap, so the weight differential is probably minimal. i think the regular westside would be a good deal lighter however.

    what do you carry to work? lots of files, books, paperwork? if so, the alyona would probably be ideal because of its shape. if it's just the usual stuff like wallet, cosmetics, etc. then the westside is best.
  4. thanks for the replies and advice....:smile:

    think i may end up with the westside cos i don't really carry files to work & something roomy like the westside will be good. i am also interested in the lacquered quilted westside cos i luv the chain straps!
  5. i bought the alyona only to return it a week later. it's a nice looking bag, but it was a bit too big for my tastes. the lacquered quilted westside worked much better for me. and i agree with you, the chain straps are :drool:
  6. I love the look of the Alyona, but it didn't look right on me. I have the lacquered Westside and I love it. It's large enough to carry my essentials (wallet, sunnies, cosmetics case, etc) and a sweater. I still have room to carry a small novel as well. It's a great bag and I don't find it heavy at all.