Alyona bag

  1. What do we think about Alyona? Is it too plain? I want to invest into a black bag. It's currenly not on sale for 1375. Should I wait for a sale? I think Saks will be having a 'family and friends' in October.
  2. I like it - it's a very sophisticated looking bag. Not sure if it's a shoulder bag or a satchel. If it's a satchel, I would personally pass because I don't do too well with satchels.
    BerryNSTote.jpg 0006.JPG july01.jpg TealNSTote.jpg
  3. I like it too, and I don't think you will see yourself coming and going. I think you will love it for years to come.
  4. I think it's elegant. I think I would've liked it better if he had made a smooth leather version though.
  5. Yes, I love it... I wouldn't mind having one myself tho' is rather similar to the Stam which I'v lovin' alot right now..... go for it.
  6. Yesterday I saw the IVORY one in Nordstrom.
    OMG love it so much!!!It's a good shoulder bag and not heavy.
  7. I just remembered that there's a similar looking bag in the mixed quilted line. It's mostly smooth leather with quilted details. It doesn't have a detachable chain but has chain handles.
    index.jpg PG_25006.5248_FS.jpg p11517849_ph_hero.jpg
  8. ^^^Yes, tried the bag on at NM, loved it. I think the combo of the smooth and quilt is so classy and fresh.
  9. i like the bag. i think it's sophisticated but not stuffy.
  10. yay! alyona is my fav bag in the new collection!!! berry is my fav and if i don't find that elusive topaz stam i'm gunning for that bag
  11. i like the shape. my friend got that bag and isn't thrilled though; she hates the chain strap and the leather straps with that size bag don't fit well on her shoulder.
  12. Sounds like it's more of a satchel then? Similar to the Elise?
  13. mj has made so many improvement, now the chain strap isn't so heavy so i'd definetely go for the bag if you like the quilted look with the metain accent, as i do, it's a satchel sorta, you do have to hold in your hand, some of the thinner gals may be able to pull it over the shoulder, i can't but i know that it won't be as burdensome as the previous metal chain, it's much lighter.