Alyana vs Silvana - Which do you Prefer?

  1. OK, so I guess I fit the definition of a real woman - someone who can never make up her mind!!! Over the weekend, I bought the Silvana Bag from Nordstroms at 40% off. While browsing over the internet & all of the sales, I came across the Alyana bag several times. While I was at Nordies picking up my Silvana, I took a quick look at the Alyana in the Ivory color (which was not on sale). Trying it on very quickly (I had my granddaughter w/me and couldn't really take my time), it seemed like the handles didn't fall down nicely and the chain strap wasn't long enough to carry the bag on my shoulder so I forget about the Alyana & just got the Silvana - which I do really like a lot.

    Ever since, however, I just can't get the Alyana out of my head and after reading a few posts about the bag, I realize that maybe I just didn't give the style enough of a chance to work. I keep going back & forth wondering if I made a mistake & bought the wrong bag.

    Looking back at all the bags I've bought over the least year, all of them are satchels or bags with dual straps (shorter handles & a longer shoulder strap). I haven't bought a nice hobo or shoulder bag in quite a long time, so the Silvana is a nice change of pace. But on the downside, the bag has no extra pockets. It just has one main section with a small slip pocket inside. The Alyana has an open middle section with two more zippered sections on either side.

    What do you think? Given the choice between these two bags, which one would you choose and why? Should I stay with my first choice of the Silvana or see if my SA can still get the Alyana? BTW, no matter which one I choose, I still want it in Teal.

  2. i completely sympathize with your predicament. i've been there myself countless times. i make up my mind only to pick apart the rationale i used that got me to that conclusion in the first place. it's frustrating, tiring, and must be the law student in me taking over my entire decision-making process. at least it's regarding something pleasant like which handbag to buy and not a topic that's serious and/or unpleasant.

    i know you've been grappling with this choice for a few days now. let me tell you the reason i chose the alyona over the silvana. perhaps that will give you some insight about what i was thinking when i made my decision. i preferred the alyona's shape to the silvana. i liked that it was bigger too. i also liked the rolled leather handles in additon to the chain strap because even if i wouldn't end up using it, at least i know the option is always there. also, i don't really like hobos. i don't know how the silvana looks worn, and it probably looks great, but i've learned that having a wide variety of bags is useless if i don't prefer certain styles to begin with. it's better to stick with what you know you'll love rather than what you think you ought to have. i have one hobo just to have one and i rarely ever use it.

    does the silvana's lack of compartments bother you that much? isn't the interior pocket big enough to fit small essentials such as your cell phone, checkbook, keys, etc.? unless you carry a lot of small items, i don't see the benefit in having a compartmentalized bag. some people dislike that because they can't remember which part they've put what in.

    if you're still thinking about the alyona, i would see if you can get a sa to track one down for you. you can buy it and have it along with your silvana. test both out and see which one you like better. you might only be thinking of the alyona because it's the bag you don't have, and you know how that goes. it'll be easier to decide when both bags in your possession and can readily weigh the pros and cons of each one rather than only comparing the silvana to the five minutes you spent trying out the alyona in the store. hth and good luck!
  3. ALYONA, no question in my mind.
  4. thank for the detailed response tadpole - I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my obsessive undecideness (is that even a word??)!!

    As I said in my post, I haven't bought a nice shoulder bag for quite some time and those used to be the only bags I ever carried. I never used to be a satchel or "arm bag" girl. One reason is, I need the option of having both hands free because I'm left with most of the responsibilities at home including all the household shopping. Add to the mix that I now have my 1 yr old granddaughter 90% of the time, and you can see why I'd need 2 hands occasionally! I also have to make sure the straps are long enough to fit on my shoulder over a heavy winter coat - I live in Chicago which means lots of layers during the winter months - I hate it when a bag barely fits over your shoulder or hangs right under your armpit! (I hate that in the summer too - I need at least a 9-10" drop to be comfortable!!)

    I've loved MJ for years, but haven't been lovin his bags since the introduction of the Stam (see my other post - shoulder vs satchel). One of the main reasons for that is that most of his bags lately have been quilted satchels or styles similar to the Stam (I bought an Emily this summer but barely used it becuz it doesn't fit on my shoulder).

    I think the first "arm" bag I bought was a Balenciaga a few years back (that was actually the first time I swayed away from MJ!). I love that bag, but I also had the extra shoulder strap in case I ever needed it (and yes, I use them a lot!) Since then, I'm surprised at how many arm bags (or satchels) I've bought. As I mentioned, when I look back over the bags I've bought this year, they're all satchels or bags with dual straps (my last two were RM MA & Matinee!). So yes, the Silvana is a nice change of pace and brings me back to my "MJ Roots."

    I think the reason I can't get the Alyana out of my head is for two reasons: (1) the multiple pockets inside. I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bags! A little organization is nice so I know where everything is at (that's why I was so in love w/my RM Matinee, but that's another post!!) They don't even have to be large pockets or sections (like the Alyana), but the Silvana has only 1 small slip pocket - I think my cell phone will fit, but that's about it (why, oh why did he remove the inner zipper pocket !!:tdown:), and (2) I like the versatility of the Alyana - you can carry it on your arm, you can put it on your shoulder (I mean, I guess I could carry the Silvana on my arm but it might look a little funny), so its almost like "2 bags in 1"!!

    You may recall that when I first looked at the Alyana on Sun, it didn't seem like the chain strap was long enough to hang nicely over my winter coat & I found the handles awkward. It could be that it's still true, but that's what I'm struggling with - whether I gave it enough of a chance to try it. I wish I could afford to buy both bags & decide w/them in my house, but unfortunately that's not an option - I'd have to return my Silvana in order to get the Alyana.

    I guess I'll just leave well enough alone & stick w/the Silvana - who knows, maybe I'll get lucky & find an Alyana marked down after Xmas (and I guess there's always eBay!) I think you were absolutely right, you always want what you don't have and wonder if you made the right choice - I probably would have done the same thing if I had bought the Alyana instead of the Silvana!!! The Silvana is very soft which I really love -the Alyana, being more of a frame bag, might not be as soft & "squishy." And I do love the padded strap on the shoulder chain.

    I'd still like to hear thoughts on both bags, tho - in case I ever do decide to add an Alyana to my collection!!
  5. i dont have either bag but i love the Alyana and i want to get it once it get the money its roomy and you can carry it either way shoulder or on your arm.
  6. not entirely sure which is which, but out the pictures i really prefer the shape of the black bag over the teal one in the pic (although i know your getting it in teal) i find the other one looks too much like a stam/hudson hybrid...
  7. I found a modeling picture of the aloyna from eluxury. I prefer the aloyna, because there are two sets of straps. Also, those little slip pockets do not work for me. I need an old fashioned zipper pocket (with a little bit of depth) for my junk.
  8. the bag on the left is the Alyana - the bag on the right is a photo of the Silvana I bought - it's actually also the Teal color (the color looks a little darker in my pic)

    I notice in the pic of the Alyana displayed w/the chain strap up on the shoulder that the hang of the bag still looks short. That was actually one of the problems I had w/that bag - when I tried it very quickly in the store, the handles didn't fall down nicely to the sides of the bag when you used the chain strap and they stuck up in this icky way making a shoulder carry very awkward. I read tadpole's post about manually moving the handles down - which might be a little pain in the butt. I think I'll just wait til after Xmas & if I find it on sale, I'll try it again then.

    For now, I'll just be happy with my Silvana bag - It's actually much lighter than I thought it would be and it hangs nicely on the shoulder - I also love that the top zipper is like the stella bag - it unhooks at one end making it an open top bag.
  9. aha! i really love the bag you already have then!!
  10. Love the one you have!!
  11. I would keep Silvana bag ;) i like that shape better and leather/chain strap is more comfy on the shoulder ;)
  12. i agree with dragonfly they are both amazing bags but the silvana is definitely more appealing to me!