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  1. Please listen,
    I understand you are going through some rough times. We all do sometimes. But the members of our board are not here to play the outlet of your bad feelings, so don't do it.

    I've felt like crap before myself, and the last thing on my mind was to disturb a peaceful community with my anger.

    I suggest you don't do that either.

  2. Like issmom stated correctly in the other thread, if you don't feel comfortable around here and feel like you don't belong, then please leave. But do not take it out on our members, and do not stir conflicts, because I do not tolerate such behavior.

    I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but if you don't get my prior warnings, I will be forced to take away your posting priviledges.
  3. I second this- pretty much everyone in the world has an expensive hobby that they participate in. Are you going to go every enthusiast forum (cars, boats, jewelry) and lecture them about their "materialism"?

    Please don't judge people unfairly or take out your real life aggression online. Rather than vent in this forum, talk to the people who are really bothering you, or seek counseling.

    We're all here to bask in the artform of accessories. And we all have different budgets and we respect each other greatly. We won't judge you, if you don't judge us.
  4. Saw this thread coming, I agree with all of the above. Please be courteous and we'll do the same :biggrin:
  5. Hmm, I just noticed this thread. Not sure what to do, should I just follow her wish? I don't quite understand why the overreaction, not coming back would be just as easy, in my humble opinion.

    edit: Ok, I get the idea. Bye!
  6. You won't remove my account. :suspiciou:evil: I swear I did not create that. That was when I did a google search for "purseblog".
  7. Just delete it and delete all her posts, and delete the nasty thread she started.

    Then we can all go back to respecting each other.

    Clearly, this person just wanted attention and chance to went their frustration. I'm actually suprised she wasn't banned right away, but this goes to show how accomodating and nice Megs and Vlad are. On any other forum they would have been gone pretty darn quick.

    Thank you for your patience Vlad, hope this didn't ruin your Sunday (Is it even Sunday where you are?).
  8. Yeah, Sunday it is. Actually Monday morning, 2:12am by now. The whole arseblog thing is pretty funny actually, I'll have to talk to my buddy at Google to have that fixed.
  9. I can think of a few other blogs that title is more appropriate for. LOL

    People really need to grow up, though.
  10. Huh? Did I miss out on something here? :blink: ::totally confused::
  11. i think i did too. but i agree with everyone, there's no reason for her actions toward us.
  12. I missed it too. What happened???
  13. Me too? What happened?
  14. Me too I missed it...don't know what took place but I'm so happy it's resolved. :huh: