always said id never carry one!!! but im eatin my words!!!

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  1. as a self~proclaimed all-leather bag lover,,,, im shocked & pleasently amazed at my new impulse to keep and have & hold the sig bag i originally bought to sell,,, i can't believe this,,, but im in love w/ it!!! i can't sell it!!! she's lightwieght,,, easy as h$ll to carry,,, and i think she's very stunning!! i added my own little personal touch black tassle that i got from hayden harnett,,,,& some of my colorful lil coachie charms,,, and im in LOOORVE!!!!:yahoo: now i love sigs too,,,, lesson learned,,, never say never...

  2. Very pretty! Love the multiple fobs! Congrats!
  3. I've never been struck by the siggy bug, but I'm glad you found a bag you adore! Don't you just love it when that happens? ^_^
  4. I LOVE how you dressed her up! That is simply amazing!
  5. very dressy congrats on your bag and your new siggy love
  6. Congrats! Beautiful!
  7. Very nice
  8. love the tassles on her....real pretty.congrats..=)
  9. I love it with the tassles, that really adds so much....Coach should consider making a bag like that
  10. stunning I love this bag so comfortable.. I have 2 more headed to me right now can't wait to get them love the pop of color you added and the tassel is cute too.
  11. Sweet Zoe, I am going to buy one they are getting more cute every day
  12. Gorgeous bag!
  13. Oh, sweet Zoe - resistance is futile.
  14. I really like how you dressed her up very nice now I want a siggy zoe
  15. what a beautiful zoe, love it!