Always room for a few more "baby Bals!"

  1. I haven't had a chance to post some of my recent purchases! I am in love with my Jaune twiggy, Violet MU clutch and Violet coin purse!:heart:Bal accessories are very addictive! A great fix to keep me going till I can save up for a big purchase!

    I included some pics of my other Bal babies and a comparison pic of the eggplant mini classique with violet and marigold compagnon with jaune twiggy!

    Anyway enjoy the "babies":yahoo:
    Bal-clutches.jpg Bal-boobies.jpg Bal-compagnons.jpg
  2. Nice... I love Bal. acc's as well. ENJOY!!!
  3. Just re-sizing some of the pics!
  4. More...
    Bal-coin-swatch-3.jpg Bal-yellow-and-purple-3.jpg
  5. :wtf::drool:...that's all I can say! LOL! Really, you have some amazing accessories!
  6. Um, WOW--that is a gorgeous collection! I love them all & the charms are adorable!! I'm so green with envy :greengrin: (closest thing to a jealous smiley?)
  7. Wow, great collection of accessories. I'm especially in love with your collection of pods/planets/boobies.:love:
  8. :blush: Thanks so much ahertz, dukechickie, elliemay, nutz4!!
  9. OMG! Holy Moly! It looks like a candy jar of colorful ,yummy, accessories! Can i reach my hand in and grab one? it feels like I can. Great pics!
    Do they still make that classic like the eggplant, is it like a First?:drool::drool::drool:
  10. congrats! all gorgeous babies!
  11. I love the boobies, especially the blue ones! lucky you, this is a great collection.:yes:
  12. WOW... you're the :queen: queen of accessories... never seen so many bOobie pods together before! LOVE it!
  13. Wow!........Boobilicious! :tup:
  14. omg!! can u use all of them?
  15. Wah I love love the Clutches :tup:
    Enjoy in good health!