Always hate Darker handle and this is the result of it :P

  1. Hate the vachetta handle turn to be darker and darker and this is the result :idea:

    What do you think? :sweatdrop:


  2. I think that's SO CUTE!!! Did you make it?
  3. That's adorable!!
  4. i want one!!!
  5. vicky, you should go into business! do you make those amigurumi dolls as well? i love your craftiness!!
  6. very original!!!!!
  7. Where can I find one? I really love it more and more!
  8. omg too cute for words!
  9. My sister send the pic to me today by e-mails and I think it's cute so I posted on the PF Forum . I don't know the details of it. Sorry about that :sad:. I'll ask her about it later.
  10. Cute....:smile:
  11. That looks so cute.
  12. very cute!
  13. That's adorable!
  14. very cute and creative!