Always gorgeous Ink Twiggy!!

  1. That one looks reeeeeally nice. I recently returned mine because the leather was too thin and crackly but I like how this one looks!
  2. Yes, the leather looks amazing and rich. :love:
  3. oh man... i'd love to put an ink back into my collection!
  4. I'm having the same issue. I think I'm going to return it because it is so veiny...I wonder if this one looks less veiny because the pics are darker?
  5. 0o0o YUMMY - i just love the INK twiggy
  6. someone buy her! mine needs a friend!
  7. Oh this one looks so nice! It doesn't look veiny at all and the leather looks so thick...
  8. I love my Ink Twiggy. Ink is such an awesome color. Eventually I want an Ink purse too. :yes:
  9. I WANT THIS BAG!!!!!! Seriously, ink Twiggy is my dream bag, but I still can't get this right now. :crybaby: Why oh why did I find this forum and fall in love with these gorgeous bags?

    In the meantime, someone please buy this so I can stop wishful thinking over it (the last one that went for just over $800 just about killed me, but I was so glad to see that one of the ladies here got it. Maybe by the time I'm ready to buy one, she'll want to sell it to get a different one - see, there I go wishful thinking again)!
  10. Have y'all seen that photo of Lindsay Lohan with her Ink Twiggy? I think that is the nicest photo I've ever seen of an Ink - and she set it off perfectly with her headband. I will see if I can find it.

    Ah ... here it is:
  11. Cute outfit overall !!! of course, the ink bag itself is what makes it .. hehhehe
  12. The ink is out of control! it is sooo pretty! Why don't they just make more bags that color?!!! gorgeous! too bad the pocket book won't allow it...