Always getting asked if my purses are fake in public

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  1. With my growing LV collection, I am getting this here and there.... I have had some weird experiences with people calling out/asking if my purses are fake. I had two teenage girls yell as I went past them down the stairs into a restaurant last year "Look at the fake Louis on her". I got asked if my Metis was fake yesterday. I stood in line at movie theater and a girl said "You can tell the purse is fake by the shoes" and then talked about LVs for 10 minutes loudly. I was wearing Tieks which are not cheap but whatever. I drive a X5 but I'm a Mom-- I guess I'm not 100 pounds and wearing Chanel head to toe. I don't look off the charts rich. I don't get it though. Has anyone else had this type of reaction? It's really annoying at times. I don't know the right way to handle it without look like a bee with an itch.:graucho:
  2. That is absurd for them to do that in public! They are just jealous.

    I have people close in my life who will subtly ask or make jokes that everything I own is fake b/c of where I am from :/

    It's annoying but at the end of the day for as long as you know the truth that's all that matters.
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  3. I've never been approached like that. I think people test the waters and know who they can get away with that type of behavior with.

    On the other hand, I have a lady at my church who proudly wears knockoffs and always wants to prove how I'm wasting my money because no one can tell the difference between my real and her knockoff.
  4. Just with the comment yesterday I wondered if I should be saying something. I guess it would get me nowhere though. I know they are real and I love my LV collection sometimes the goofy comments just get old.
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    I would just smile at them, and say: oh yeah! Reeeeeally faaake!! And wink and go. Or nothing at all. Whatever. Don't let them get to you. Just certain humanity unfortunately. Enjoy your pieces and whatever else you have:smile: I have never experienced that. I live in central London and I think it's almost common to have them here. Same when I lived in LA or NYC. I do get stares. But more out of: oh that's pretty! Wore my Noe BB just now. I can tell some women look at it, but not in a nasty way. Just in a drooly way. Maybe they want to go get one tomorrow who knows? Once I heard two girls talk about my Chanel jumbo. One girl knocked her girlfriend in the side so hard she went "ouch what the heee" and I heard she say: Chanel Chanel Chanel. But that's not mean either. Sorry you have to experience stuff like this!! You buy it for you not anyone else, so just enjoy!!!:smile:) we worked hard for these! And we can use our money the way we want to right? As long as it doesn't hurt anyone?:smile:
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  6. Honestly this happens a lot. I'm not in a very well to do area. I usually ignore it, especially from strangers. I've had close friends even ask which shocks me, but it comes with the territory I guess. I live in an average neighborhood and definitely have a bag fetish and love for LV. It really doesn't bother me anymore. It used to though, until hubby said why do you care one time when we were out and a friend said it. He was right, which I won't usually admit to. I couldn't come up with a single good reason TO actually care. They are for me to enjoy and that is why I buy them :smile:
  7. I get similar reactions from people too. I dress extremely casual on a day to day basis because that's what I feel comfortable in. A t-shirt, jeans and some converse and I wear my LV collection along with these outfits. I do get a lot of odd stares from here and there. When asked I kindly respond yes they are real I've worked hard for them as I am a full time student who works part time. I've learned to filter those opinions out because I know they are real and am very proud of my hard earned collection although when repeatedly asked it can be extremely annoying!
  8. I guess that is my problem, I dress too casual! I'm in t-shirt and jeans all the time but that is the way I roll. :smile:
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  9. By buying counterfeit goods, isn't she supporting criminals?

    If someone asks me if my LV is fake my response is i don't fake anything.
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  10. Oh lordy! One of those peeps, we all know those are fake too. :lol:
  11. I don't know why your weight matters but honestly who cares what strangers think? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  12. Anyone saying such things in public is a word I'm not going to type here. What nasty, foul manners. Pay it no mind. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, especially people like that.
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  13. Hehe good one " I don't fake anything!!" 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  14. I have rare bags that most people are not used to see walking down the street... I am certain some think I carry fake bags. But I don't give a crap! 😃👍

    Yes there are a lot of fake bags... but there are also a truck load of real bags. Anyone with $150 can buy a beat up old LV bag and own a REAL Louis Vuitton. It's not that exceptional.
  15. +1