always doubting

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  1. Hi everybody, I bought a black reissue 227 in february after long thinking . But now I sometimes doubt if I made the right choice. If I see all the pictures from everybody with de jumbo calfskin. I love that too!!What do you think? I wear the bag not only on special occasions but also on a daily basis. I own already a birkin.And this chanel bag was to finish my collections of icon bags.The sa were I bought the bag said the reissue was the real thing and not so trendy as the one with the cc lock.I have to say that I am 54 years old and 1.76 and not living a glamorous life but of course go out for dinner and trips to big cities!!
    So did I made the right choice?
  2. If YOU love it than it was the right choice. It's natural to love almost every Chanel bag under the sun...everyone here does but if you are always jealous of another bag and it diminishes your enjoyment of your own bag, maybe you should get that instead.
  3. thanks, I really Love the bag. So your right , enjoy it!
  4. Flower, I've been into Chanel for several decades. I love the reissue and perhaps more than the cc classic "icon" flap or whatever Chanel wants to rename it. I like that it doesn't have the cc turnlock. There are a few H's in the "stable" too and purses rotate according to where I'm going and the mood du jour. We are all different and thus our tastes differ and as we age we question choices more or least in my case that's true. I have yet to encounter a situation where Chanel isn't appropriate but I get what you mean. The last time I was at Tysons, I was entering the mall and a very elderly woman, probably in her 80s was exiting and what was she carrying? A bright red jumbo or Maxi!! Cudos to her for being able to heft one at her age, I can't.

    You stated you use the purse on outings, etc. so it is not shelf sitting on a permanent basis. If the opposite was the case, we would be saying sell it. Besides, at the rate things are going with prices, keep it for now as it will cost more in the future to replace it.

    Black is as basic as you can get. How can one go wrong?
  5. I prefer reissue than the classic flap anytime! ;)
  6. thanks jmen for your reply.A friend said to me the other day it's an sophisticated bag and that's what I also feel.Your not walking on the street "look at me I have chanel bag"!What you say the prices will go up every year maybe in months if I read al the stories here on the forum. And above all i love the bag because it's the one cc designed years ago and its still "modern" . That's fantastic isn't?
  7. I agree with your friend. I think the reissue is so understated and glamorous. You made a great choice.
  8. Reissue is a gorgeous bag! I have several and it is a must have in any Chanel collection IMO:smile:
  9. Please keep the reissue... Personally I love it more than the turnlock and many years down the road, you will be happy you kept it. It is an iconic bag!
  10. thanks for your reply. I feel must better now I know that you also find it a iconic bag. I love this forum because not everybody in my surroundings understand how you can be so into bags!! But you all do!:biggrin:
  11. you have a great bag! enjoy it :yes:
  12. i always have "doubts" as well ~ thats b/c i love so many Chanel bags i see here & wish
    i could own them all! most of us have to make choices & it seems you've made a good one as long as you're happy!
  13. Flower, I'd say ROCK your iconic Reissue!! So glam and yet understated!!!
  14. every time i read the post i am happier with my bag! Thanks!
  15. the reissue 227 is great. don't doubt yourself. reissue is the real pictures of mad. coco and you will see what she wears. it's timeless.