Always and Everywhere Lampo Zippers?

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  1. Can somebody help me? I want to replace the fake City my husband bought me in error, with an authentic Balenciaga black City. The pic search has already been started, but I won't see any IRL till I get to the UK in a month or two. So my question is this - do real Balenciaga Citys always have Lampo zippers? And will the City handles ever fit on my shoulder without my having to use the strap? With summer approaching (hopefully!) I wouldn't be wearing bulky sweaters and suchlike. Thanks, ladies!
  2. Yes all Bal bags has Lampo zippers BUT it is not the only indication of genuine Bal bags. The City handles might/might not be a little snug when you sling on your arms. It does however stretch over use & time to fit better.
  3. Thanks, pinkboudoir! I've been looking at the great modelling pics here and see City's being worn on shoulder....
  4. My city handles fit on my shoulder easily :smile:
    For reference I'm 5'2 and 110lbs
  5. Mine also fit quite easily, even over a sweater... but I bought it broken in. so if it doesn't at first, it will!
  6. Thanks a lot, ladies! I'm really looking forward to the new City!
  7. That's been invaluable, Jira and hmwe :tup: Thanks very much, ladies. Pity I didn't look at that info last year! I could have stopped my husband buying a fake!