Alwand Vahan?

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows this designer at all? Somewhat similar to Yurman, Hardy, or Ripka. I'd love your opinions, since a very fine jeweler in my town who usually NEVER carries "name-brand" jewelry has started carrying pieces by Alwand Vahan.

    Many thanks!!
  2. Hottest diamond, gold and silver line on the market today. Cannot be duplicated and very recognizable. Make in the USA...comfortable and chic. Love that there are no copies...don't mind spending $$'s for original product,
  3. amazing pieces!!!
  4. ^^ ITA, they're great, thinking of getting one of the bracelets, but they are pricey.
  5. ooo very nice!! =)
  6. LOVE his pieces!
  7. Bumping this thread. Anyone have any pieces? I recently saw advertisement in fashion magazine. Checked out website and pieces look beautiful