Alvin Valley Sample Sale - DOLLARS OFF COUPON

  1. To our valued customers & friends, this will serve as your DOLLARS-OFF COUPON. This discount is UNADVERTISED; therefore, you must PRINT THIS E-MAIL AND BRING IT to the sale to receive the savings, as follows:
    PANTS: $20 off your second pant purchased; $30 off your third, and $40 off your fourth –and each subsequent- pant purchased.
    JACKETS: $20 off your first jacket purchased; $40 off your second –and each subsequent- jacket purchased.
    TOPS, BLOUSES & CASHMERES: $10 off your first; $20 off your second; and $30 off your third –and each subsequent- top purchased.

    DATES: April 26-29th
    HOURS: 12:00 – 6:00pm
    ADDRESS: 632 Broadway, 6th Floor (Houston & Bleecker)

    YES, you can forward this e-mail to friends and co-workers.
    YES, discount on pants includes all pants, shorts and Capri’s.
    Coupon applies only to purchases made on April 27-29th (Friday through Sunday.)
    Coupon can not be used duplicatively (in conjunction with other coupons.)
    INQUIRIES: Call (212)253-0095
    If you wish to be removed from our announcement list, please write “Remove” in the subject box and click “Reply.”

  2. thanks - I'm just heading to it now. Hope it's a good sale!