Alvin and the Chipmunks!!

  1. Who else saw this? I think this was the cutest movie I've ever seen. I'm obsessed with Theodore, they made him so damn adorable! They really did a good job with animating the chipmunks. The story line was not so interesting, but it was highly entertaining and cute.
  2. this movie is so cute!!
    i liked this part:

    chipmunk-"ahhhhhh!!!!"(screams covering his self because the man walked in on him when he is in the dish washer)
    man-"get out!what are you doing?!"
    chipmunk-"I'm waiting on the rinse cycle"(he says giving the man a look and rolling his eyes up)...
  3. Ahahah!! I am from Italy and I know it very well, I used to watch it a lot! :smile: My dad hated it when they sang!! LOL
  4. I want to see this...several of my friends saw it and thought it was too cute! I adore Jason Lee!! :heart:
  5. I loved it!! Theodore is the cutest thing ever!!
    I went to see this with my 7 yr old son and now I'm going to see it again with my hubby!!
  6. I dreaded going but when it started I had a smile on my face the whole time. One of the best kids movies in a long time. Very funny and cute!!

    I loved it when they said "they haven't started sniffing each other". And "bow chicka bow bow". The shower part was funny too. Actually the whole movie was to funny.
  7. I loved this movie too. Very cute and a little corny with a happy kind of movie!!!
  8. I want to see this, but I think Ill wait for DVD. It looks really cute though!
  9. I'm taking my 5 year old to this tomorrow! I think I'm just as excited as he is!
  10. My 12 yr old brother wants to see it. My parents refuse to take him. I may take him though. Glad to see it wasn't awful. I think they assumed it would be horrible and didn't want to sit through it. My dad has slept through all the Harry Potter films...
  11. I took my son today and he loved it! The chipmunks are sooo cute! The theatre was packed. Most adults were commenting that they thought it was soooo cute also!