alva members?

  1. i want to buy a non LV item from an alva member. how trusted are they.... sorry i am not trying to offend anyone, but i am just curious.
    ps: mods, if i posted this in the wrong subforum, i apologize.... i dont know where to post it since we no longer have authenticate forum.
  2. anyone....???
    i really want to buy this bag.... but i want to know more about alva member....
  3. ALVA members are people who pay to belong to a forum kinda like this one. If you have a particular bag in mind (or an auction) please post the link to it in the "authenticate this" thread located at the top of the particular handbag subforum.
    They're supposed to always sell genuine items...but sometimes fakes have been known to be always first authenticate it here!!!
  4. Hi. I'm an ALVA member and would be happy to answer any questions you have. ALVA is a membership only board that is hosted on EZboard. ALVA does not charge a membership fee, the fee is an EZboard membership and belonging to EZboard provides access to many other hosted forums.

    ALVA is an anti counterfeit organization and has a strict, zero tolerance policy surounding the sale or promotion of fakes. If a member is found to be selling fakes, that member is banned from ALVA. I can guarantee you this policy is enforced. With that said, you should not buy blindly from any seller so as Twiggers suggested, if you have any doubt, def get a second (or third) opinion!

    If you or anyone has any questions about ALVA, feel free to PM me :smile:
  5. I am an ALVA member also, as are many members of PF. I trust them for all non LV items just as much as if it were LV. Mistakes can be made as the others said, so make sure you check their pics and ask questions.
  6. I a ALVA member- you don't pay for the membership- like Livethelake stated just EZboard.

    Always check with reputable authentic sources before purchasing from anyone..:flowers:
  7. There are many ALVA and mypoupette sellers who sell fakes, I personally dont care if a sellers puts that they are members of either place on their auctions. It doesnt guarantee anything. You should still research the seller and item before bidding on anything on ebay. Occasionally I will even contact previous buyers to check on the item they bought and the experience they had with a seller. Just MY personal opinion.
  8. There are many ALVA and mypoupette sellers who sell fakes

    Oh Donna - I will stand by my statement that ALVA has a zero tolerance and will ban a member for selling fakes. Period. If you find an auction of an ALVA member who you believe is selling a fake bag, you should report it. Or you can PM me and I will report it.

    As I stated, one should not purchase blindly from any seller. Always do your homework.
  9. There are many ALVA and mypoupette sellers who sell fakes

    Oh Donna, I am also an ALVA member. And I think you have made a fairly reckless statement. As livethelake said, please contact us or ALVA directly if you truly have information about ALVA members selling fakes. One does not "pay" to be an ALVA member. And all ALVA members are not Seller Selects. In fact, most ALVA members belong just to talk about LV with other LV lovers.
  10. I have reported them in the past. I stand by my comment from experience I have had on ebay over the past 10 years. I little logo on your auction means nothing to me. If you guys are ALVA and mypoupette members and you sell the real deal, more power to you. Thats great. Its my opinion, thats all.
  11. i already have it authenticated here.....
    but i was just checking for extra reassurance.
  12. Then state that it is your opinion. The way you said it is accusatory and borderline libelous. While I agree that you should never blindly trust anyone, I would certainly feel more comfortable buying from an ALVA member over someone who has low feedback and has never sold high-priced items on eBay. I would absolutely never lump those two types of sellers into one category.
  13. I am an ALVA member. Personally, I trust ALVA Seller Selects AND members more so than MPRS.

    Out of curiousity, based on your statement/opinion above, how many are these so-called "many ALVA" sellers who sell fakes?

    I would love to report any fake auctions sporting an ALVA logo. If you see one, please PM me as well.

  14. If you have had a situation with an ALVA member why don't you just say who it was and when this happen? I ask you this b/c I can guarantee to you that your so called "episode" didn't happen with any of our ALVA members. And if this is the case that person is now banned. This is one of the reason we have such an extreme process for new memberships, to keep out the fakers or people who enter with bad intentions. I am not saying that it is 100% secure but I can guarantee you that we're more deligent at keeping fakers out than MPRS themselves. As Le_Junkie stated above, I trust ALVA members more than MPRS.

    And as far as the little logos not meaning anything to you, "more power to you!" It is your money, your decision, you buy from who you want. No one is forcing you and it's all good. This does not, however, give you the right to tarnish a community's good standing based on your innuendoes to which 3 posts down you have yet to give an exact encounter or event. "Just my personal opinion."
  15. I wonder if Oh Donna realizes the difference between "ALVA members" and "sellers who claim to be ALVA members". Maybe there's a misunderstanding in this thread? :shrugs: