ALVA, LVLU, MPRS aahh so many

  1. Ok so - My Poupette = MPRS (My Poupette Recommended Seller)
    and I know these guys are legit - but be careful and always double check on their website because some people say they are MPRS but are not

    But what are these:
    ALVA (Authentic Louis Vuitton Addicts)

    LVLU (Louis Vuitton Lovers Unite)

    I also remember seeing some guy who was selling memberships to his 'Louis Vuitton authenicating" group.

    Also - some people have this link

    My PoupetteRS! Recommended Louis Vuitton Resellers

    for MPRS - but this gets you to a different page than the page you go to if you go straight from the MP site - so what is up with that?

    Thanks for the Education :smile:
  2. Those (ALVA, LVLU) are Bag Boards pretty much like this forum only that they are by approved membership only. I can't vouch for LVLU as I am not a a member (although some ALVA members are also members of LVLU), but can for ALVA. We have a zero tolerance for fakes and are a tight group of people that gather to chat about LV just as we do here in this board. ALVA has been around for years now and is a tight and respected community. Many ALVA members in here as my girls...and guys (we have 3 right now).

    All I know about LVLU is that a member here, Queli, started it a while back. I never applied for membership but have heard it mentioned previously as there are many dual members and heard the outlay is very similar to ALVA. They too have a zero tolerance for fakes. Not sure who's the Admin for that BB as I heard Queli no longer owns it. Maybe she can tell you more about the board if she catches this thread. HTH
  3. Thanks Jojo.. I was wondering about it the anyway to check the validity of the membership? I know we can check MPRS easily but do ALVA and LVLU have a website??
  4. For ALVA Seller Select there is a partial list at:

    Not all the new ALVA SS's are shown there (the above link isn't up-to-date). If you come across a seller that says they are ALVA SS, you may email your question to for verification.

    ALVA and MPRS usually act pretty quickly to get anyone off of ebay who mis-represents their association with these 2 groups. Sorry, I don't know much abut LVLU, but as Jojo mentioned, they were founded as an anti-fake group.
  5. Thank you so much!!! It's great!
  6. I am a member on LVLU and as previous posters said LVLU has a zero fake tolerance. There is a list of LVLU's selected sellers somewhere, but LVLU is down for maintenance reasons and I don't remember the link. LVLU member's should have a logo saying they're either a member or part of the seller select (logos normally have their LVLU name). Queli is not in LVLU anymore. I'm not sure if the current admin is a member on tPF. :smile:
  7. Nita, we're pretty quick at finding ebayers who shouldn't have an ALVA logo. We pretty much know most of the girls ID and when one that is not familiar pops up we post and ask about it. Sue mentioned SS (which is like our very own MPRS) but we also have regular ALVA members who sell on ebay and their logo should just say member. No difference really only that the SS are resellers and sell LV (or other brands) on a regular basis (they go through a process like MPRS)...right Sue?
  8. I know one of the current LVLU admin (there's 3 of them) is actually a member of TPF...D...yoohoo...where are you? =)
  9. I feel better about LVLU and ALVA.. thanks gals!
  10. I'm an ALVA member and use my ALVA logo on my auctions. As JoJo said, I'm not a Seller Select, just a member and that is the logo I use. I don't sell LV on a regular basis, so I never applied for seller select status. ALVA members are safe to buy from though. Everything I've bought on ALVA has looked as if it has come straight from LV.

    Hi JoJo & Sue!! :smile:
  11. Yes, I am the current LVLU Admin. LVLU is currently closed for maintenance and yes we do have a selling elite list. Here's the link. Thanks again for the vouching guys. Any question, feel free to contact me anytime.
  12. isnt livinluxuroiusly the one who started LVLU?
  13. how do u get to be part of LVLU or ALVA?
  14. Yes, she did, and with some other members (actually he's here as well). But they are no longer members/admins there anymore.
  15. Since LVLU is closed at this time, we are not accepting any applicants. But I will let you know when we are reopened and accepting applications. Thanks.