Alumoniere - HELP NEEDED Please :-)

  1. Hi all,

    I'm considering the alumoniere, but it is the large one I have been offered. And I'm not sure how to wear that..

    Can anyone tell me about there experience with the large alumoniere? Does it bother you that there is only a strap? And do you find the size fine or clumsy?

    Hope to hear from some of you :smile:


    - She is kinda beautiful right?!
  2. WOW!! Stunning!! The size looks really good too!
  3. I like it. The color's great too.

    I would go around town with it- shopping, dining, to the gallery,...etc.
  4. I LOVE the color too, what I am worried about is if it is wearable in that size? When it has only got a strap. It REALLY is a very good deal pricewise.. But I am still dreaming of the city or part time, and I am also bidding on a ghost and another clutch... :s
    I'm really getting sucked in to this B-bag fetisch ;)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts...
  5. As long as you don't overstuff it I think you should be fine.
    It's very classy looking! :yes:
  6. Congrats....nice color....:love: :love:
  7. i've been debating whether to buy one of these too. i would wear the handle around my wrist like in the picture but then carry it as a clutch...
  8. wow that looks really large! ...or isit just the angle of the camera shot? Is the color cornflower or blue glacier?
  9. I wouldn't wear that as an everyday bag ... I would just use it for special occasions - the theater, red carpet events (yeah, right ;) ). It's gorgeous, but if you don't feel you would get much use of it, funnel your money elsewhere.
  10. And that is what I did :smile: Thank you all... It would have been a bargain, but it's just not my style I think... Still looking for a city, so I bought a Ghost instead :smile: I love the size and the shape.. Cannot wait to unwrap this little beauty..

    Thank you all for your helpful advice :smile: Miss M