ALUMINO bow Satchel

  1. Gorgeous! I believe dgjeans is a reputable seller.
  2. do you guys think it's authentic?
  3. it should be...the seller seems legit
  4. dgjeans is definitely a legit worries
  5. miu2!

    It was I that IS STILL desperate for this bag! I actually saw it on eBay myself (I've been trying so hard to track it down). However, sadly, I cannot buy it because I don't have more than 10+ feedback on my eBay account :sad: So the seller won't sell it to me.

    So, I've been trying to find someone who's willing to help me!

    Someone who owns a Paypal and eBay account.

    Here's what I was planning to do.
    Send the money to the person's Paypal account and have THEM bid/buy it for me. And send it to MY HOME under MY ADDRESS.

    I haven't found anyone yet, so if anyone wants to help me!! Please do :sad:

  6. can u pay by money order?
  7. i think you should ask the seller. the OP is NOT the seller.
  8. i think i've mentioned this before but there are still a couple of bow satchels in the country...Saks Fifth Ave..
  9. hi annaversary...i returned a bow satchel in light grey to saks a few days ago...there were some blemishes on it and the bag looked old already despite just sitting in the store :sad: i was so i went with the black instead...i think there are still a few around in SAKs so just give them a call...but make sure you get one that has no issues!
  10. The winner had 0 feedback!! Why didn't they let you bid???? :confused1:
  11. miu2!

    I am guessing that the winner agreed to give money order to the seller. I contacted the seller myself and he asked for money order, but I can't find time throughout the week to run myself to the postal office or bank. I'm a student and I have school from 7-3pm, then work from 3pm-6pm, then baby sitting my little sister right after work and even then the post office and bank is closed :sad:

    on the brighter side...

    I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH SAKS (NEW YORK) and they found me one :smile: I just placed the order so hopefully it will go through!!!!!!

    I had to make 2 phone calls though :\ The first phone call was with some lady that was really rude... she told me I couldn't have the bag for some reason. So I recalled SAKs and got a guy on the line and he got it for me!

  12. ^^ I knew you would find one!!! Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.
  13. Soooo Happy for you!! I know that you have been wanting this bag so much! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  14. Hehe :biggrin:

    Thanks so much girls!!! And I will keep you guys posted once it arrives and everything with pics and all those goodies :biggrin: