Alto Line on sale@!

  1. Anyone own any Alto? I love the look of the new bags, but the leather gets so scratched.

    Still if the deal is good enough.
  2. There is an Alto at a local TJMaxx that has been there for months. It looks pretty good for being knocked around at a discount store. Is the leather really that delicate? And, can the scratches be softened up with conditioner so the bag looks good the way Coach leather gets over time?
  3. Yes, the leather is so nice looking, but a co-worker of mine (we all love bags here) bought one and took it back.

    Even the bags in the store where I buy Dooney's are badly scratched just from people looking at them.

  4. ty for the FYI thats kinda depressing but her perfect bag will appear sooner or later
  5. It gets scratched but over time builds up a patina like box leather. Mine looks even better with age. :heart:
  6. just to update on the "411".. even the mens alto is on sale.. *growls* damn bills.. i think i might quit partying and save up for the big DOONEY purchase im brewin up!