Alto hatbox lovers

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    Are you towards this particular model
    Let's share here
    Price point?
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  3. It feels like, in one year, Goyard managed to copy Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle and Petite Boîte Chapeau...
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  4. I fell in love with this bag when i saw it from the store.
    I couldn’t purchase it as i had a second thought with price. Then when I went back 2days later, it was gone and need to pre-order with full payment.
    Compare to LV hatbox petite boite chapeau, I would choose this one.
    I personally saw both of them and similar price.
    But alto box bag is much more roomier ( can fit so much) and the handle grip is much more comfortable when handheld.
    And its part of trunk collection, so its very solid and well-made. (Everything handmade)
    Im planning to pre-order before I visit Korea to be able to pick up while im travelling there end of this year.
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  5. Hi. Long-tile reader but never posted before, but really in a turmoil over this bag. I managed to an Alto over the summer in Paris. But I've yet to wear it!! Its so beautiful, and I love admiring it, but I think it's too small for my frame. I'm quite tall and think it looks silly. I have this same problem with my Constance 18, but was so impressed with this bag I had to have it. Each one is even signed on the inside with the initials of the maker. I have a friend who is eager to buy if from me if I don't want to keep it - so what do you guys think?
    IMG_7334.jpg IMG_7337.jpg IMG_7343.jpg
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  6. It look so cute! Im waiting on mine!!! Please don’t let go!
  7. It look so cute! Im waiting on mine!!! Please don’t let go!
  8. Thanks! It is so cute. I'm just not sure it works on me.

    Did they say you have to wait 3 months to get yours? That's what they told my friend. I was in Paris the day Goyard posted the bag on their IG so I popped in and got one of the 2 they had.
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  9. Yes i have to wait around 3mths. I missed out The one available from the store. Just arrived one .....
  10. Seriously it look fine on you
    Maybe it's a mindset matter
  11. What was the price in Paris?
  12. It genuinely looks adorable on you! I think it's a matter of perspective :smile: I used to hate the way big bags looked on me, but now I like them and when I look at old modshots I took of big bags, I definitely don't think they're too big for me now. So if you love the bag and think it's cute, don't worry about thinking it looks silly on you - I think it looks great!!
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  14. Thank you!
  15. Thanks. That's probably true- as I am always used to carrying big bags, so this one looks so different. Probably just have to get used to it!