1. Just wanted to put the word out there:

    Tonight I made fried fish for me and my girls (my fish-hating husband is playing hockey) and realized when it was too late that I am out of breadcrumbs.

    Well - lo&behold, SPECIAL K makes a great alternative to breadcrumbs in a pinch. HA!

    Seriously - it's really very good. Might use it next time again - even if I am stocked on breadcrumbs!!

    What alternatives have you discovered in a pinch??
  2. Have you ever tried Shak N Bake? I just put it on Orange Roughy and it was really delicious.:drool:
  3. What is Orange Roughy?
  4. Orange Roughy is fish!

    I've also used Rice Crispies that I've crunched up with a rolling pin. I "bread" chicken breast or strips and then put them in the oven. Kids LOVE THEM! I also try to spice them up by adding some Old Bay seasoning. Great taste.
  5. i much prefer to crush my own cracker crumbs. i never use bread crumbs.
  6. If Corn Flakes on chicken is delicious, imagine what it would taste like on fish!
  7. Oh! Yeah, I actually think I knew that - but I forgot. What a strange name for a fish. Sounds like it should be poisonous!:yucky: