Alternatives to wrapping paper!

  1. OK, as I mentioned in another post, I really try to be pretty environmentally aware. It doesn't mean I'm a fanatic or that I'm perfect at it, but I'm TRYING to be better - keeping the heat lower, recycling, not buying what I don't need, reusing bags, etc.

    Well, something I decided to do is to sew different sized bags with drawstring closures (or with velcro tabs) to reuse year after year. I bought a little fabric last year after the holidays on clearance, but I haven't made them yet. I still have so much wrapping paper from previous years to use up.

    I just think it's an excellent idea. It's environmentally friendly, animals can't rip into them, and so much easier to store. I'm SURE you can make pretty fabric ribbons too to dress them up.

    Just thought I would throw this out there for others who might be looking for ways to be less wasteful.
  2. the Sunday colored comics' pages are good too
  3. Good one! Thought of another.... children's used craft paper. We have those craft rolls and I do use both sides, but then what? Maybe I'll use those as wrapping paper this year too!
  4. I still love wrapping paper, but at least I buy recycled paper. And I'm big on saving ribbon, bows, etc. to re-use.
  5. dish towels. Ive seen really cute gifts wrapped like that!
  6. I guess, theoretically, you could use brown paper bags from the grocery- turn inside out so no logos and use ribbon instead of bows or just reuse bows over- we have bows over 5 years old in our wrapping boxes.
  7. We burn everything in our fireplace Christmas morning...I guess it's better than it going to the trash dump?
    Honestly, this time of year I'm real bad....although I've been recycling boxes that have been coming with the online orders!

    Honestly too, my state needs a better recycling program....I miss living in was so easy to recycle there!
  8. The way we do it in our family....

    Gifts given to and recieved from my husband and my parents are wrapped in newspaper.

    We even do this with some of our friends.

    If it's a gift that "needs" to look pretty, then we buy wrapping paper.

    We've been doing this for years, so I guess even a little effort will help the waste. :tup:

  9. I think this would look lovely. :tup:
  10. We don't celebrate xmas but we put the gifts out under blankets. I hate wrapping gifts and throwing away the paper. But when i do wrap them i use comics and magazines.
  11. I never buy wrapping paper. I tear out pages from magazine that remind me of the gift or the receiver. Then I just piece everything together and use that to wrap the present.
  12. That's a great idea!! I use a lot of newspaper (especially the classifieds and comic strips) and magazine cutouts as well. Your suggestion is a great alternative, and quite creative!
  13. Same here.
    We have drawers full of bows we reuse every year.
  14. Thank you for this thread:smile: I love hearing about new ways I can help the environment. Wrapping pretty as it is, is a waste. Especially with my cats finding them and playing with them..what a mess! I like the velcro idea a lot. I'm going to see if I can make some pretty ones. :yes:
  15. We use gift bags a lot since they can be re-used over and over. I have to confess that I do love wrapping presents in pretty paper, though.