Alternatives to Gucci?

  1. I'm looking for alternatives to the handbags that I now own. It dawned on me the other day that there's a subset of handbags made by designers who also offer clothes -- think of Gucci or LV -- as a secondary product to their leather goods. The designers use their clothing designs to get additional editorial play for their work and to create buzz for their brand. That said, the bulk of their profits are from handbag sales. Gucci, for instance, derives 54% of its revenues from its leather goods (not including shoes!) while getting only 12% of revenues from its ready to wear line.

    In their zeal to sell handbags, Gucci offers up a narrow and corrosive notion of beauty with its clothes. --Just try to fit into Gucci's clothes if you wear a size 12/14 like I do! It dawned on me that Gucci's efforts to build its brand (and sell more bags) were being undertaken at the expense of women's body image.

    If Gucci doesn't want me to wear its clothes, why should I carry its bags?

    I love fashion, and I love clothes, but from now on, I'm only going to carry bags from designers that don't trash women's body-image. Fortunately, that leaves lots of options: Armani, Ferre, Coach, and any designer who only does shoes/bags. Moreover, I'd love to hear any suggestions that die-hard purse-blog readers might have. Whose bags should I carry?

  2. unfortunately i don't wear designer clothes, i find their prices is ridiculous. i'd rather buy the bag :P
    so personally, i don't care about that.
  3. jane, you rock! i couldn't agree with you more!!

    i suggest you look into alaïa and jil sander for sure....
  4. All bag designers use models to promote their bags.....
  5. Does Armani only do men's clothing? I thought they did women's as well. Maybe I'm not understanding that paragraph.

    Carry a bag you love, that's what I do, whether it's Coach, Kate Spade, LV, MJ, or BV.

    duh, I just re-read your paragraph and understand it now. Ignore my first comments.
  6. yeah, but not all of them are sizist ...
    i know armani and chanel definitely are not, for sure, since the Saks here basically only carries both brands (especially chanel) in larger sizes... i've seen the tweed suits as large as fr 44-46 (us 14)
  7. Which ones? All I see are size 0/2 models in the ads. My best friend is a size 16 and can never find anything designer (except for Ralph Lauren).
  8. Wow...some of those are darling...I really like a few of the dresses...hate the shoes, though. I am just too used to stilettos or flats with a dress. I think the botties look like house slippers. (then again, I never bought UGGs, either, thankfully)
  9. Actually most fashion houses generate most of their income from assessories. Ready to wear is a declining business (in comparison to accessories/shoes). Gucci CEO Robert Polet admitted this. The American CEO of Celine also talked about strengthening their leather goods segment because it's easier to expand that than clothing. Assessories are just easier to sell. No fit issues (for the most part)....

  10. Agree.

    That's the purpose of haute couture these days ... to promote the image of the brand and therefore sell more bags.

  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think Gianfranco Ferre makes larger sized clothing.... I'm not an expert, but I have never seen above a 44 (maybe 46 but I wasn't looking for those sizes), which is about a 8/10 US.

    I have seen size 46 in Gucci.... Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco talked about wearing 46/48 Gucci in Harper's Bazaar.

    But I do applaud your decision to only carry bags from designers who you are comfortable with. Never make a designer make you feel inferior. :flowers:
  12. I have a Ferre blouse and blazer -- both in 48. They fit great. Unfortunately, there's no consistency in sizes. Ferre's 48 maps to a 12/14. Gucci's 46 maps to a size 10.