Alternatives to Balenciaga

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  1. Rebecca Minkoff, I know her brand before I know Bbag. But after I saw Bbags, I think her bags were inspired by Bbags, all the color and soft looking leather.
  2. I've been toting a GUESS black leather bag for a week now and it reminds me of the Courier--- the style is what got me instantly! It was only 110 bucks! :woohoo:
  3. I suggest saving up for a Bbag -- there's nothing like it!!
  4. Having inadvertently carried a fake Bal for a few months, I took a break from Bal altogether and bought a black Dolce and Gabbana in pebbled leather. I look at the Bal threads now and again, and have been quite dismayed to hear about quality control probs with the brand. My D&G bag certainly wasn't cheap, but at least it has no quality probs whatsoever and is a totally different style from the City bags. I'm sure I'll go back to Bal eventually, but at the end of the day, there are loads of gorgeous bags out there. I've only discovered the names of some of those great brands through being a member here. Why don't you check out some other great brands, which are also cheaper?
  5. Some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags have really soft, nice leather. But I agree with some of the other girls in saying the wait is worth it and save your money, carry your LV and buy a bbag when the time is right!
  6. I agree, I think you should wait for the BALENCIAGA. You will be glad you did. Look for a preowned bag in good condition, you can maybe save some money and it will be broken in for you. Good Luck!
  7. Kooba is a great alternative... leather is so soft and they have some styles like the Claudia and Chiara that have brass studded detailing. If you are content with your current bags though, I'd save for a Balenciaga :tup:
  8. ^^ ditto!!! :tup:
  9. I would agree with most of the replies here: if you truly love Bbag, then don't divert from this goal. Several hundred here and there add up together is also a lot of money and it will further prolong the waiting for a Bbag.

    So just focus and enjoy (for me the waiting for getting a dream bag is actually quite enjoyable) the waiting for your first Bbag! :smile:
  10. I like belen echandia, but imho it's definitely not a replacement for bal. The leather is nice but scratches easier and does not wear as nicely as the bal leather. Rebecca Minkoff has some really great leather and colours, and the styles are fabulous. But I would agree with the girls here and say save up for a bal!
  11. ITA that if you REALLY want a Bal, save up for one and it will come to you much faster! I've been hanging out in the RM forum this past week, and I've already bought 2 of them--so if you want a bbag, DON'T STRAY! The other options might be cheaper, and only that much more tempting!
  12. saving up to wait for that bbag is definitely worth it! BUT if you must find an alternative, i agree with fashion_junky, gustto makes lovely bags, so does marc by marc jacobs. i also like andrew marc's bags--simple yet functional designs and the leather's absolutely smooshy! good luck!
  13. Rebecca Minkoff.
  14. Belen Echandia (sp?) is NOT that much cheaper than Balenciaga. If you can afford to buy one of her bags you're 3/4 of the way to owning a city or something similar.

    But there are other mid-range bags that are very nice. Like Rebecca Minkoff. In the end, it's really a question of how keen you are to own a Balenciaga. Buying a mid-range bag now will set you back somewhat if a Balenciaga bag is your goal.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  15. Oh wow! I couldn't agree more!!!! There shouldn't be any quality control problems with Bbags, such as fading, non-saturation of color and inferior thin leather. Not at the pricepoint they go for. Of course, I still love them, but thre are other gorgeous bags out there as you said. :yes:
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