Alternatives to Balenciaga

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I have been lurking in this subforum for awhile now. Originally, I came to tPF after finding a link when doing a search for Dooney and Bourke (as my name implies, I was/am a fan). I got into LV, having looked at all the pretty styles and saved for my very first during the summer. Somehow, I managed to be gifted 2 other LV items by my DBF. However, this whole while I have also been looking around Balenciaga threads, admiring your beautiful bags, thinking that maybe I should have gone to this designer FIRST because one pays top dollar but for great leather!
    Unfortunately, I have run out of the funds to afford such a bag at the present moment and really wish to save for one of my own.
    My question to all of you is: In the meantime, what are some other alternatives? I know nothing can compare to these really cool bags AND obviously, I will not EVER buy a fake. I'm not asking about designer inspired...I just wonder, have any of you come across a bag that does not infringe on copyright laws, is of good quality, but has also made you think, Gee...this leather/this color is almost as great as my Bbag? Anything a little more affordable, like in the hundreds instead of thousands? Sorry this is so long. But thanks!:tup:
  2. I was in Diesel last weekend, and their new season bags have REALLY nice leather, i actually enjoyed feeling it up more than i do my bbags (which are all 06 or 07 except one). Ive never felt an 04 or 05 but assumed this must be somewhat close to how they feel. and the colors are really pretty as well. I wish i could find pics to show what im talking about, but if you go into any department store, or a diesel store, they should have them.
  3. i always thought being in the States allows you so many more options. i saw in the handbags forum so many names that do decent leather bags. Rebecca Minkoff, Tano, Tate, Botkier, Belen Echandia, etc. etc. of course if you prefer the motocycle design of bal, then you know what gotta do. where i am, we do have in-between brands but i'd just rather save up that 500 bucks more for a bbag.
  4. I second the RM rec. There was a post by Megs on the blog about how RM colours (& collectors) are reminding her of Bal-fever:yes: and some one posted the list of pre-fall & fall colours, and yeah. I'll be buying one, or three. whichever. (of course in addition to the bbags I'm planning;))
  5. Yes, Rebecca Minkoff is a nice alternative, you can also try Kooba :shame:
  6. Although I don't have one myself, I've heard Belen Enchandia bags are reminiscent of Bal for their vivid colors and great leather.
  7. Skip the alternatives and use those "hundred dollars something" to fund your Bbag! That way you will get it faster :wlae:
  8. :yes: Exactly! Not that I don't still like other designers, but IMO nothing really compares to a bbag!
  9. ^^ So true...

    Instead of getting something else for now, just save a bit longer (including the $$ you were going to spend on an alternative) and get yourself a bbag.

    Even if it's second hand - nothing compares!
  10. Basically, there is no alternative to Balenciaga. There are other designers other bags, but none stack up against Balenciaga leather and everlasting style.
  11. ^We clearly love our Bals here and I agree with everyone, that there really isn't any designer's bags (and I had a vast array that were all sold off to fund more bbags) that compare. Sit tight, save up, your Bal day will come much faster if you don't buy a mid-range leather bag.
  12. ITA! If you get an alternative, you're pushing yourself farther away from getting your Bbag. It takes me a good 5-6 months to save for one, but its worth the wait!:yes:
  13. While I do agree that Balenciaga is in a class of its own, I think there may be a few "substitutes" out there, and the ones that have been named are all pretty good. I did come across Gerard Darel on Annsfabulousfinds and it looks to me like a good alternative for someone who wants the same slouchy look from a bag that is not "inspired by". I have no personal experience with the brand but the black one they have looks absolutely yummy!
  14. I would personally save my money for as long as it took to buy a bbag, you know every little amount makes a difference in the end! just my two cents!

  15. My Gustto Baca bag has amazingly soft leather...but I have felt other Gusttos that weren't as soft, so I think it would have to be selected in person. They have a similar, slouchy, vintage feel, IMO.
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