Alternatives to Balenciaga leather jacket?

Aug 29, 2008
I have seen a ton and a half of jackets in this style lately! The Vince posted above as well as SWORD and Ever, among others. Look on Revolve and Shopbop? I'll find some links at home this eve if someone else doesn't beat me to it.


May 31, 2006
Wow, thanks, everyone! Such great choices! You guys are the best.

I especially love the S.W.O.R.D Novara. Too bad I need an M (does S.W.O.R.D run big or TTS? If big, maybe I CAN get it), otherwise I'd snatch up the one on sale. I guess I'll have to wait for a great coupon code. The Ever is great, but I'm not too crazy about the crinkled style. I have no preference as to cropped or not cropped. :smile: Whatever resembles the Balenciaga the most, I guess. ;)

I love how the Balenciaga jacket has these flared sleeves with the zippers on them. Here's a pic that shows this off well:

Does anyone know if the S.W.O.R.D Novara jacket also has flared sleeves? It's kind of hard to tell from the stock pics. I also love the asymmetrical zipper on the Balenciaga...looks so great zipped or unzipped.

If anyone else comes up with another Balenciaga lookalike, please post here! Thank you!
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Jan 18, 2007
Purseluv, I have a couple SWORD jackets, though not the Novara. They are made in Italy and the leather is fantastic! The Novara is made to fit snugly (like the Lucca I have) and I would say they are TTS (remember they fit snug- if you like room for layers with bulk, you might want to size up).

It doesn't look like there is much flare on the Novara's sleeves. The Joie jacket looks to have more flare.

I used to have the gray Balenciaga. Really beautiful jacket, but I didn't like it on me. I felt it was too bulky on my small frame. I also have broad shoulders for my size so I try to stay away from padding and excess bulk. I love, love, love it on other people though! I prefer Rick Owens and SWORD on myself. The SWORD jackets are the perfect lighter, more feminine weight and cut, while still being just "hard" enough. Just my 2 cents. Hope you find something you love!