Alternatives for tummy tuck?

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  1. OK, here is the story. I've had 3 kids. And weight about 115 lbs now. always have weighed this much by the way. before and after pregnancy. but i have quiete some fat that i can GRAB on my abdomen. i hate it. the rest of my body is perfect to me. but when i sit, i can grab a whole lot of fat on my belly and it's not a pretty sight.

    what can i do? i could never get a tummy tuck. hubby would think i am completely nuts. that's so not an option for me.

    what excercises can help what foods should i stay away from. i eat aloooot of bread...unfortunately. i love it. but i have to stop.

    i am doing pilates now for about a week. i loooove it and i will never stop. by the way, does it make u taller?
  2. :sad:
    nothing can make skin snap back.
    When did you deliver your youngest?
  3. Hi ElleT. Sorry, I can't give you much advice about tummy tuck options being that I have never had kids. However, I can speak to your question about pilates. Pilates doesn't actually make you taller BUT it does improve your posture and how you carry yourself which makes you stand taller KWIM? And because it helps create lean muscle you certainly look taller as well.
  4. I'm sure there must be one exercise that will improve it? No?

    Hey swanky, my youngest will be one year next month. Have u had a tummy tuck? If so what was it like? I think I remember reading that. Im 5'4
  5. You can burn the fat at your tummy by doing cardio but that little pooch that most women get after childbirth is often stretched out skin, no way to be rid of that but surgery.
  6. no, the skin isn't a muscle, only genetics will predict how well it snaps back.
    I did have a TT. I lost all the weight PLUS and worked out for 2 yrs before doing it. . . the skin never improved :sad:
    My DH thought I was crazy at first too, until I maintained that I wanted it for those full 2 yrs and he saw how hard I worked to get my body back and how hard it was for me to accept the damage done.
  7. Swanky is right; you can get your body fat level down to insanely low levels and you still won't be able to get rid of the skin you can grab at your abdomen. Skin either bounces back or it doesn't, but nothing will change that after the fact. It often isn't an issue of weight loss or fat in the abdomen, and no exercise will change that extra skin.
  8. it stinks, it's not fair :blah:
  9. lol swanky,

    but honestly guys, this is gonna sound strange, but i don't have loose skin on my belly, it's more fat. I have a friend who has had 6 kids, she is my hight. 5'4 also weighs 115 lbs but her stomache area is all wrinkled and bad. that's what you must mean by loose skin. when i pull my stomache in, i have no loose wrinkled skin. i believe i have really good genetics when it comes to this, because growing up, i remember u could not pinch my mother (why would i want to pinch my mother right) lol. no, but she used to always make jokes about her tough skin. I guess i got this from her.. i don't even have stretchmarks on my belly. after 3 pregnancies.

    fabulousity - so cardio will get rid off some of that fat at least? Is tae bo sufficient? Sorry guys i'm an amateur in all of this health and fitness stuff. I just started pilates and it's amazing.
  10. If it is actually fat, then any cardio at an intense enough level and a clean diet ought to help. But 5'4" and 115 lb just doesn't sound like you could possibly be carrying all that much extra fat to me! But if you talke to a trainer at your gym, you could work on changing body composition to more muscle and less fat without changing your weight so much. That would entail building muscle and losing fat, so weight training and a clean diet would probably make more of a difference than just cardio.
  11. OK, I think I wasn't understanding. . . a tummy tuck is really mostly indicated for excess skin, not fat removal. . . I assumed I guess{?}
    Lipo is a procedure that can help, not a tuck.
    But strict dieting and cardio will do it most heathily.
    A TON of water, very little sugar and bad carbs.
  12. Loose skin is not necessarily identified as wrinkles, it can also be identified by a hanging mass (like the area that you've described as a mass that you can grab). Chances are that you do have loose skin in addition to an are of fat accumulation. A tummy tuck would probably still be your best bet. You can not "spot reduce" an area of fat. Sure, lots of cardio might help. However, sometimes cardio can reduce fat overall, but still do nothing for a specific area of fat accumulation. Strengthening your abs won't help much either. You could always look for a free consultation with a plastic surgeon (under the guise of wanting a tummy tuck) just to get a professional opinion on how much is fat and how much is skin.
  13. Sorry to tell you, but TT is one and only option. I tell you this like a professional and like a patient.
  14. ...that you've had no positive replies!

    to be as brief as i can, i'm 25 yo, been overweight since i can remember (seriously overweight) and since last yr up until now i've lost over 78 lbs leaving me at 124lbs. biggest issue, although i've done it as healthily as i could including daily workouts - it has left me with a pouchy belly. that is despite my best efforts of doing over 1600 crunches a day of all varieties. let me tell you, if i didn't do those i'd have excess sking hanging down to my knees from my belly! (ew, i grossed myself out). now this past month, with my mother's persuasion i've decided to get a massage daily on a jade stone massage bed we have home. She claimed it will help snap the skin back as i was pushing it to get a tummy tuck, i hate that loose skin! starting week 5 now on it, including my insane amount of crunches daily and i am speechless when it comes to the result. it's not instant of course, and i would assume u do not have a problem as big as mine which means u're blessed (honestly!). that fatty pouch of belly skin IS taken care of without surgery, but it's NOT easy. depends whether ur skin is elastic enough, age is a factor, skin condition is a factor. yes, i've been obsessed about details and research lol and if u like more info about the exercises and the massage bed feel free to email me on kannuba@yahoo. com as posting it here could seem like advertising and that is hardly my point. unless u've opted for a tummy tuck in the meantime ;) all the best, Annie
  15. ^Seems odd that advertising is hardly your point when it's your very first post...