Alternative to wrist strap?

  1. So im waiting for my wrist strap to arrive but i really want to use my new denim pouch tonite. what can i use as a temporary wrist strap? i have a pochette but that wouldnt work,would it???help please!
  2. what do the links look like??? what would be cute is if you tie a matching ribbon to it!!! like if ur wearing a red shirt get a red thickish ribbon! i think thatll look cute :smile:
  3. tnx! thats exactly what i did!
  4. It's not exactly a wrist strap but here's what I did with my Pochette strap. What do you think?
  5. ohhhh show us pics!! i wanna see it with the ribbons! it sounds HOT! :smile: show us show us!

    thanks hehe
  6. vivicy,how did u do that w/pochette strap??? i must try that because thats way too hot! tnx so much!
  7. Thanks! Basically I used my removeable double strap from my Pochette Twin. I passed the strap under the flap twice. The only thing I'm worried about is if I put too many things in the pouch the strap won't stay in place. I'm gonna try and pass the strap through the wrist strap hook at the back to make it more sturdy. Do you get what I mean? Let me know how it goes for you too.
  8. ^gosh,i love the way u use that strap but my pochette strap is way too short to do that :sad: i should get my strap i ordered this week. im still loving the scarf ideas. i tried it and it looks great! tnx everyone for your wonderful ideas!