Alternative to the I'M NOT A PLASTIC BAG

  1. The Aug issue of Teen Vogue features another reusable tote to be used in place of plastic shopping/grocery bags. What's really nice about this bag, is that it folds up & fits into a small clutch that will fit inside most any handbag (it can also be used by itself), comes in multiple colors and - get this - only costs $8!!!!

    It's by a designer named Emily Sugihara, and the bag is called the Baggu Bag - there's even a website
    reusable bag.jpg
  2. MUCH cuter than the blue plastic Ikea tote that I bring to the grocery store!! (Of course, the Ikea bag does fit a whole shopping cart's worth and cost 60 cents...)
  3. Thanks for posting the link! Funny, I was actually looking at large shopping totes for this very purpose. The "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" is too small for me. These look perfect. It says it can hold 2-3 plastic bags worth of stuff, and (even better) it folds up small! Plus, you can't beat $8!
  4. According to their website:
    One Baggu holds the contents of 2 to 3 plastic grocery bags. Six bags can hold a whole cart full of groceries.

    And if this doesn't cause you to consider buying one, I don't think anything will:

    The average family brings home 1,000 bags every year. Most of those bags end up in land fills.
    Each year in the US we add 100 billion plastic bags to landfills.
    In landfills, it can take up to 1000 years for a bag to decompose. Plastics don't biodegrade, they photo-degrade, breaking down into tiny toxic pieces that contaminate soil and water or harm wildlife.
  5. EXCELLENT POST! Great concept bag, great looking bag. Thank you for sharing!!!
  6. You could always save some money and just use a good quality pillowcase:roflmfao:.
  7. That Target one is cute!
  8. I don't really care for the Target bag - too busy for a shopping bag, plus with it being made of plastic w/vinyl handles it might get a little heavy full of groceries -

    I like the Feed bag and am glad you posted that link. They show that bag in that article I posted from Teen Vogue and I've seen pics of Lauren Bush w/hers before. But at $60, it's a little pricey for a shopping bag - I might consider it as a tote bag though.

    Actually, while looking at the Feed bag (on Amazon), I found this link - The Planet Bag. At 415 for 3 bags, you can't go wrong. I think I might get these until the Baggu Bag's come in (they aren't available until July)
  9. those are pretty nice - too bad they don't come in just solid colors - I don't really care for any of those prints.

    BTW, what are those bags made from? Are they pretty lightweight?
  10. 100% polyester (like the rest of my wardrobe:p), maybe not the most earth-friendly material around.
    Their website talks about their environmental setup though, solar energy and recycled waste water and all that. Bags are made in China. I don't know, I try!

    Oh and they're as light as air, don't weigh a thing.
  11. I still think some of the "bigger" designers should take a cue from Anna Hindmarch and design their own "environment-friendly" bag. If the bags were priced smart enough (like AH did), they would certainly be great sellers - just think about how many people would love to buy a LV, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Prada, etc bag for less than $50! I think it could be an extremely competitive and popular marketing idea!

    (Marc Jacobs actually has already produced inexpensive totes which apparently are good sellers - one look at eBay lately, and you can see the various styles! I think he should do one bag that is designed specifically for this kind of use)