alternative to the derek lam hildegard?

  1. hello.. is the thing..i ve been in love with the derek lam hildegard bag for so long now.. lately i got the chance to lay my hands on this beauty.. but to my surprise and dissapointment, i found it to be so very heavy! not very suitable for an every day, day to evening bag.. so now i am eyeing the lanvin kansas tote..but who knows if it is worth the investment? please help me find a nice, cool bag that is worth the pay!!:crybaby:
  2. I love the Hildegard, but the weight concerns me, too. :yes:

    Unfortunately, I can't think of anything similar.

    How do you feel about BV?
  3. bv is an all time favorite..though i am looking for something that is rarer..
    i just looked at an oversized muse bag in chocolate brown today but then i thought the same thing-that it is way too popular already..
    do you think it is a good investment, or a bag i will want to forget about next year?