Alternative to Monistat Chafing Gel for Facial Pimer

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  1. Just thought some of you may be interested to know that Avon has a new product called "Magix Face Perfector" and a main ingredient is dimethicone and it has an SPF of 20. It is a gel to powder like Monistat and says it will keep shine away for 10 hours.

    I just got mine today and will try it out tomorrow.
  2. Please let us know how it works. How much does it cost?
    We can do a comparison between the two, if anyone has used both products. I love my monistat..don't think I will ever find a problem with it.
  3. I will let you know as I have both. I'm an Avon rep so got it at my cost but it will be $9.99 in the next brochure and $14.99 regularly (but everything is always on sale at Avon). I like that it has the SPF20.
  4. Ohh...Ill def follow this thread!
  5. Ooh I like how this has spf, not that it matter's because I always put on spf 30 in the morning.

    Here is more info off of the Avon website. Looks like it will be online soon.

    MagiX Face Perfector SPF 20 ​

    Instant Perfection.

    price: $10.00

    Available Soon...


    A magical new air-light gel-powder colorless formula that makes all skin tones look flawless... invisible coverage; instant perfection.

    "This colorless formula is perfect for anyone who want to look naturally flawless and beautiful without looking like you're wearing any makeup. It's universally flattering and a secret weapon in your makeup bag."
    -- Jillian Dempsey, Avon's Global Creative Color Director

    Targets pores: visibly minimizes pores with patent-pending Optix Light-Diffusing Technology.

    Banishes Shine: holds back shine for up to 10 hours

    Smoothes Skin: reduces the look of fine feels softer than ever.
    Apply evenly before sun exposure or as needed. 1 fl. oz.
  6. sounds really promising!! I like how they have a product directed towards face and makeup application, not...chafing thighs. ;)

    my monistat keeps me shine free for more than 10 hours. I would like to see how long this one holds up. but everyone's skin is different so it may work for you but not me. That's what I hate about new products!! lol
  7. I would like to hear about it, too. Only thing is I've also seen products by Avon that works great, but then they pull the product after awhile and discontinue the product.
  8. I was thinking about getting this too b/c monistat gel didn't do anything for me, but break me out! I think since it's sold out online, I'll go to the Avon store on Friday.
  9. There is an Avon store?

  10. I'm shocked!
  11. i just bought 2 3pack Monistat Chafing gel from Amazon... now you tell me?? lol
  12. I saw that in the book this week! I was like...:thinking:...let me know how yours works, I might go ahead and order some if its good!

  13. Yup! If you live in the Bay Area, there's one at westlake. Also I was in Henderson last year and there was an Avon stand at the mall out there also. :graucho:
  14. awesome! my mom is an Avon rep also, so I may ask her to order me a tube :biggrin:
  15. I would love to hear results of this new product !!!

    let us all know !!