Alternative to large multipocket - I can't handle it anymore!

  1. I finally found my dream bag (large black multipocket with nickel hardware) last winter and while I LOVE her and she's gorgeous, I CANNOT continue to carry her. :crybaby:

    She's SO HEAVY! That rolled strap along with all the weight from the leather, suede, and hardware is doing a NUMBER on my back and neck. :crybaby:I was literally in so much pain last week that I had to stick her in a shopping bag and haul her around that way. I can ONLY carry her in the winter (more padding over my coat), and even now I'm finding that I can't handle carrying her at all anymore. I don't put THAT much stuff in her - just a wallet, zip case w/hand sanitizer and "feminine products", a little emergency kit of bandages and a pill box, my iPod, sunglasses, cell phone, and a few lip balms. I don't think I'm overloaded - I really think it's the bag. When I carry my other bags with all of my junk, I don't have a problem, but with's painful.

    So (after my long drawn-out story) I need an alternative. I'm going to sell her and get something new - I was thinking of the Totally Turnlock Faridah in black.

    What do you guys think? I can't spend more than $500 (new or used, no preference) and the new bag must be lightweight and comfortable to carry (i.e. no rolled shoulder straps). I also have to have a shoulder bag, nothing to carry or put in the crook of my arm.

    I'm seriously agonizing over selling my MP...but I figure what's the use in having her if I can't even enjoy her? :crybaby:

    thithi will understand - she knows what I went through for this bag. :shame:

    TIA you guys. :heart:
  2. oh bummer MPG....:sad: this was the bag that made me love MJ too so I can imagine how you must feel about it...

    it sounds like you might prefer to have a shoulder bag.. I think the straps on the turnlock line look super comfortable so that might be a really good choice. the christy (if you find it on sale) might work well for you too since it has a flat strap.... there have been a bunch on sale recently

    good luck with the hunt.. by the way it took me a minute to figure out what whirled peas was :roflmfao: thanks for the laugh
  3. ^^I'm sorry to hear that the large MP is so uncomfortable for you. As an alternative, you might want to look at the Christy. Perhaps it will be marked down further after Christmas putting it in your price range, or you can always try eBay. I like the Christy as a shoulder bag because of the thick, flat shoulder strap. It's actually a double strap that's looped through the buckles. Does that make sense? Look at this pic and you can see what I mean:

  4. the christy could make a nce alternative...also, how about a stella or sophia bag? they are very classic MJ shapes, but have flat handles rather than the rolled ones. the softy lines have very comfortable straps, as well as the irina line as well. infact, i just bought an irina tote, and im amazed at how lightweight and comfortable the bag is to carry....
  5. Thank you for the recommendations, guys!

    I love the look of the Christy. :nuts: I don't think I've ever seen it in person - I may have to make a trip to Neiman's to take it for a test run. Do you guys know what colors she comes in? I'd want black or gray...I want this for an everyday purse. I'll have to look for them on sale - where did you guys see them on sale?

    I don't think the Irina would work for me - I think the shape would be awkward under my arm - is it more of a tote to carry? It's gorgeous, in any case.
  6. I saw a few on sale at my NM in Scottsdale. IIRC, white and bordeaux? Didn't look at price though. The bordeaux was just :love:!
  7. ITA ^^^^^I finally got this bag with the most recent Nordies sale and after using for past few weeks w/ my lrg MP - I find the Christy working out better for my everday bag than the MP. I'm converted!!:heart:
  8. Christy is definitely a nice bag, and it's lighter than a Stella I think. Just beware, there's no zipper closure on top but a magnetic snap button to close the bag. It always is available in black, and this season it will be available in grey which looks lavender. You can probably find a black one on eBay if you hunt for it...

    Faridahs are really nice as well, they've got plenty of pockets and canvas interior so it can be very useful. You should definitely make a stop at a dept store and try both styles on. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Thank you for the details, thithi! I think I'd prefer a purse with a zip closure...I use public transportation and when I'm on the Metro during rush hour, I feel more comfortable with my purse zipped-up as I wouldn't feel if someone reached into my open bag.

    I was toying with the Faridah today at Bloomingdale's, and the leather is so soft! I really like it. But the bag was chained to the display, so I couldn't really get a feel for it, and I was too lazy to ask the SA to remove it.

    I'm going to go back to the Bloomie's in Friendship, which is right next to the Neiman's, and take the Christy and the Faridah for test drives!

    Now I just have to sell my MP. :sad:
  10. The Christy Bordeaux?? :nuts: ((faints))....I'm calling in the morning!
  11. ^^If you don't find it at NM, you might want to try Nordstroms and have an SA do an inventory check for you. AbbytheBT and I both find Bordeaux Christies for 40% off. It's a stunner...definitely get it if you can!!
  12. The Christy looks really nice!!
  13. i agree. the christy is a good choice. after staring at the picture, it's got me wanting one too! thankfully, it's a reasonable price compared to mj's other bags.
  14. I have a large MP too and the Blake is definitely much lighter, but, because of the two compartments, and the roomy middle part, you can still put a lot of stuff in it! It is more structured but definitely lighter and more practical, for me. Though I love the squooshy pretty leather on my MP so much I can't stand to give it up. :heart:

    That Christy is gorgeous too if you want one with a similar shape to the multi.

    ETA oops just saw you don't want a rolled strap. Never mind the blake then. I agree a Stella might be good for you or a Christy!
  15. MPJ - should you decide to sell, I know many gals including myself that would give her a good home and send home pics so you won't be homesick! :p:yes:

    I'm sure you'll love the Christy! It's so pretty IRL. I've seen the black and the grey (which looks more lavender).