alternative to keychain extender

  1. hi -
    i just received a pochette Accessoires for my bday :biggrin:
    however, it's a bit too short for my liking when i carry it on my arm - are there any ingenious alternatives to making it longer other than the keychain extender? i just bought a chanel bag so i cannot bear to dish out the $100 for the extender. :sad2: thanks so much in advance! i hope somebody can help me. =)
  2. If you could find another gold tone keychain, I imagine that most people wouldn't know the difference ? The extender is quite pricey though, I agree.. but it also makes carrying the pochette so much easier !
  3. you might beable to find a cheaper one on ebay?
  4. i tried looking on ebay - and the only one i found was a used one going for about 80 bucks. i'd rather buy a new one for 20 dollars more! =)
  5. is the keychain extender the same thing as the accessories pouch strap?
  6. no it's more like a gold-tone keychain, i couldnt find any pics of it tho. :sad2: