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  1. hi all, i'm looking for a spacious tote but i don't have the GST yet. i have a petit shopper but it can't hold all that i need with my kids. i have the medallion tote but i can't get into it easily and it's more of just basics fit.

    i heard the gst can get heavy so is there an alternative tote to the GST or should i invest in one?

    what GST colors are usually available? i prefer lambskin b/c i find it lighter to hold than caviar. what's the price difference?

  2. Maybe you will like the large Cotton Club tote?
    I don't think it's as heavy as the GST.

    There are some nice pictures of the CC totes in the reference library.
  3. if you like the rock...and dont mind it is vinly...the size is good and the bag is super light....I am still detating to keep or not to keep since it is a vinly bag.
  4. CC is a great alternative. I hear a lot of raves about that tote. I hear it's not permanent so might want to find one soon. :sad:
  5. oooo, i just saw the CC totes in the reference library and i really like it!!! the large is 1995 but the medium, any idea?

    are the CCs still available? hopefully there will be here in nyc.
  6. mademoiselle (sp) tote...big, soft, light! love it!
  7. the med. CC is really small compared to the GST...
    you would have to be looking at the large CC as an GST alternative
  8. GST does not come in lambskin, I believe.

    I personally think the Diamond stitch tote is veryyy cute! but it has a zipper on top, so it's not very easy-access either per se. An alternative to the cotton club tote is the cambon tote.
  9. Cotton Club Tote would be nice!
  10. I got my large CC tote from Bergdorfs so check there.
  11. Hi. :smile: I've also heard from a few women here that the GST can get heavy... but I'm sure that depends on the person, and what you put inside. I've seen the GST in black w/ gold or silver hardware (the silver is coming out for fall), beige with gold, white with silver, brown with silver (not available now; there was a distressed brown calfskin available last fall I believe, but I'm not sure if you can track that down now). :smile: A bordeaux color (caviar leather) with silver hardware is also coming out for fall.

    I love the Cotton Club tote - I have one in bronze, and find that's it's lightweight (especially for a substantial tote), and fits plenty. It has a zippered top, but I think that it's easy enough to get in and out of. Here's a pic I took a while back of mine:

    If you like an unstructured tote (however, it doesn't have a zippered top), there is always the Cabas. The Khaki (my personal favorite) is coming back for fall, but black is great too, dark silver, etc. Here is a pic of my Khaki Cabas and Bronze CC tote :smile::

    If you like lambskin best, I personally adore the Vintage Ligne tote... you can find pictures in the Reference Library, and I have this in dark chocolate. It's so light, has a zipper, and is just gorgeous IMO:

    I don't think you can find this color any longer, but this tote also came in a lighter caramel brown, black, and grey.

    Sorry for writing a Chanel tote novel haha... I hope I helped a little though... good luck finding a tote!! :smile:
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