Alternative to Collonil? Please advice me

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  1. Hi, is there any good alternatives you could recommend instead of Collonil, I can't find it in any store nearby and I don't want to pay 18 euros in shipping fee..
    I have and old jar(2-3 years) of Mulberry leather nourisher, could that do for my Somerset shoulder in black?
    As for the mabel in lipstick i think it would be a good idea to spray her but do you have any suggestions instead of Collonil spray? Would any waterproofing spray do (I have a ecco spray that says repels water and stains and would work on leather)
    And lastly, the A4 tote in oak, I would like it to be darker and more golden, so was thinking about some kind of nourisher to her too? What do you oak owners say?
  2. where in sweden do you live? don't you have any shoestore around selling collonil? or perhaps some friend in Stockholm or Gothenburg that can buy and post one can for you?
  3. salikons - Nope, have been to most of the shoe stores and no one has ever heard of Collonil. Well, maybe I can get my aunt to buy a can for me, but I don't want to depend on her, that's why I wanted to know if there was any good alternatives?
  4. I bought my can of collonil in the Scholl-store at the NK department store in Göteborg. Except for Scholl, I have seen collonil product at some cobblers, if they have the shoepolish they sometimes have the leather spray as well - it might be worth a try. Where are you located? Pm me if you can't find it, I'd be happy to get one for you if you don't live nearby. I would not experiment with any other brands, since collonil is what mulberry recommends.