Alternative to Bottega?

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  1. I also thought of Cole Haan for the woven pattern.

    If you're open to a Veneta style purse without the weave, I'd recommend Ananas handbags, specifically the Furoshiki. I have one and love it. It's not BV but it has a similar look to the Veneta and the leather is super soft and smooshy. They have great colours too.

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  2. Has anyone heard of bags with handmade intrecciato by Arnold Churgin?
  3. Also, does anyone know of Bonwit Teller labelled BV's could be found..
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    Are you referring to a recent listing of a used Bottega Veneta bag with "Bonwit Teller" inscribed on the BV label?

    imho, there was no question as to the authenticity of the listing that I remember. But, for the life of me, I can't find the listing. A quick google search shows that Bonwit Teller is the name of a department store, similar to Saks.

    Maybe someone else can chime in...

    In any case, this question belongs in the "authenticate this" thread.


  5. It is a Canadian company who does designer inspired bags. Google them and you can see some partial intrecciato bags.
  6. I thought Bonwit Teller pretty much died around 1990 when they were bought out after bankruptcy. Are there even any stores left?
  7. Falorni occasionally has a woven tote that would be a substitute. Check eBay. In general,The weave is nice but their styles- no.
  8. The seatbelt bags are made by Harveys. Very sturdy and durable (like you hope your seatbelt will be). It's not leather, but it's still kinda fun. That said, I'd still say save for a BV. The quality is worth the wait. (:
  9. Yes, that's the one..a recent etsy? ebay listing. It has essence of BV about it. I wonder too..and Bonwit is a now-defunct fancy-tailer. Thanks for the replies..I'm wondering still. I will look for the listing again, or if another pops up that is similar and post in the 'authenticate' area..very interesting.

  10. ..thanks much I had never heard of Churgin and it was a fairly nice bag. I suppose many designers have been inspired..i keep running into more and more. (And I find my love and respect for BV grows each time. :smile: