Alternative to Bottega?

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  1. While of course there is really no real substiture for the "real" thing, I was wondering if you lovely ladies have seen a bag that resembles a Bottega in a woven and soft &supple leather styling?

    I am very budget restricted right now, and hope to one day splurge on the real thing, but for now- I crave the earthy and classic look of the woven leather in a lower price point. Any suggestions or styles that caught your refined Bottega taste?

    Brands and styles helpful :smile:

  2. mysisterrocks - understanding you are on a restricted budget, how about saving for what you want and then keeping an eye on ebay for a reasonable deal? (be sure to authenticate here first!) although cole haan does do woven bags and they are cheaper, in the end IMO it is not worth it and even at a couple hundred plus per bag, they are not inexpensive. if i look at all the money spent on "deals" or "it" items (shoes and clothes, less so for bags) that stuff my closet aargh! isn't it worth saving for something you love and will value?
  3. I have to say that the Cole Haan is a very nice bag, not near as soft as Bottega, but a nice woven bag! I actually have a couple of them. :biggrin:
  4. If you are looking for something woven but completely different, those seat belt bags (don't know who makes them) are pretty nice too...

  5. Agree here.. would rather save up and have something of better

    quality, design, workmanship and detail.. in the long run you get what you

    pay for ..BV bags do last almost a lifetime..
  6. I can't recommend another bag that compares but I would rather get a less expensive preloved BV bag or save up and get one from the BV outlet or sale.
  7. Cole Haan bags are great, especially the optic weave, but make sure you look for one in their "soft" collection as some of the leathers are stiff to give the bag structure.

    You can find a Veneta for a pretty good price on EBay...just make sure to have it authenticated before you bid.
  8. ^^^yep...ebay. I got a nice old style pyramid there. It is my softest BV yet!
  9. Save for the BV for sure, if you can. Nothing compares, really. Nothing.
  10. doloresmia made a good point and excellent suggestion. Cole Haan is not inexpensive at all and for a bit more, you could get a very nice pre-loved BV.
  11. If you truly want a Bottega, I honestly suggest that you save . . . .

    It might take longer than you wanted but that feeling of getting the item you've worked SOOOOO LONG for is priceless

    Is there a certain style you're looking for?? Try searching eBay


    By going to a BV Boutique, they can help you with your needs and work around your budget . . . that way you know how much you should save.
  12. I agree that Cole Haan is a great value--good quality at a reasonable price and they do have some nice woven styles.

    There is no substitute for BV, but sometimes we just need a nice bag to tide us over.
  13. I have had cole haan woven bags, they are great and stylish, and of course nothing can compare to BV. You can get some deals on ebay with today's economy, just authenticate before bidding. Good luck
  14. i'll 2nd the cole haan....if there's an outlet near you, definitely try there first.