Alternative strap options?!?

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  1. Just got a medium PS1 and I absolutely love it, but I wish the strap were a bit wider and longer so I could comfortably wear it cross body. Just curious if anyone had replaced their shoulder strap with something else? I was thinking possibly something like a vintage guitar strap as I have seen this done with other leather bags, or I know there are also customized camera straps that might work if they were made long enough. I have seen some people use extra clips for more length, but I don't really care for that idea. Sorry if this has been addressed in another thread, I searched but couldn't really come up with anything concrete. Any thoughts, tips, pics, input would be much appreciated! Thank you! :flowers:
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  2. I bought a cross body adjustable strap from for my balenciaga but I haven't done anything with my PS1. I'm sure it would work just the same. They have lots of colors and styles too! Good luck!
  3. Mautto ist great! There is nothing like that here in europe - so i ordered* two times for me and my friends. Everybody was happy!

    *My Bal City now has some inches plus of a brass-chain. Looks cool!
  4. I second (or third) They make custom straps so you should be able to find the right one based on length. They also have adjustable ones and you can pick which type of hardware you want.

    I've ordered one for my BAL City, too, and it worked perfectly (I ordered the 50-inch strap to wear as crossbody I'm 5' 9") and I also bought a 20-inch shoulder strap for an old BAL Velo that I wanted to wear on shoulder, which also worked out perfectly.

    Luckily I bought a PS1 Tote that came with a long crossbody strap so I used that on my PS1 Medium and it worked perfectly, too, so the PS1 Med can be worn crossbody without looking strange.
  5. I bought a nice long leather Louis Vuitton shoulder strap and use it on all my Proenza Schouler bags. Works great.
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    I just bought the new braided strap. I was a little worried but it turn out to be really comfortable, wasn't stiff at all. It also adds this cool edge look.
    IMG_1501389410.508682.jpg IMG_1501389362.947894.jpg IMG_1501389375.039947.jpg IMG_1501389387.018051.jpg IMG_1501389399.041002.jpg
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  7. ^^^
    Thanks so much for posting! I have been really curious about that strap...leaning towards the red one. I was worried about the comfort and the red one seems much more coral colored than red.

    This strap appeals to me too:
  8. I was also thing about getting that one as well. Just didn't find many places carry that though.
  9. I just received my strap from Mautto, on Etsy.
    Pictured on my PS11.

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  10. I did a similar combo with my Ps11!
  11. We are obviously quite cool.
    Or we think we are, lol.