alternative search engine

  1. I've noticed that the search function was down for several days now. I like to suggest those who wish to search for treads on TPF to use and add

    "site:" after your key words.

    example: if you want to search threads about Bellevue on Louis Vuitton page just type in

    bellevue site:

    hope this could help :smile:
  2. Thanks, that's a great tip.
  3. Wow, thanks so much, that is really useful! :biggrin:
  4. Great tip. thank you
  5. I see the search function is still missing.. :p
  6. Yep, search function is being worked out at the moment.. but since this is not LV related, let's move to feedback. :yes:
  7. Wow, great idea! Is there anyway we can move this to a sticky in the News/Announcements section? I think a lot of people can find this to be useful, but may not check the Feedback part of the forum!
  8. Thanks I'll try that. It's really hard to hang out here and not be able to search anymore. I hope it comes back SOON! :flowers:
  9. This weekend actually.
  10. ^^^^ Great news Vlad! Thanks for all your hard work!
  11. yay! i need to research my raok
  12. that's great, thank you!

  13. Oh good. I thought it was me. I've been trying to search for the past few hours.