Alternative Picture Request

  1. I was doing some chatting about Birkins/Kellys with a fellow member and we were discussing pictures of birkins on the forum. We usually see the birkins photographed closed and neat/nice. Since most people leave their birkins open to gain quick access...I would like to request some pictures.

    Can any/all birkin owners post pics of how your bag looks day to day as you carry it. You and not picture perfect. We would like to see photos as it appears every single day. We were wondering how it really looks opened. Am I making sense here?

    Flatter us non birkin owners, please.:smile:
  2. :lol: you little cheat you!
  3. Here, I'll start
  4. ....can my HAC join the party? ....she likes to be open too......
  5. Where is it shopmom, I love your black box HAC
  6. here's a pic with friends :

    my vert anis birkin 35, friend's croc orange 40, friend's kelly 28 graphite

  7. WOW :drool: I love your freinds Crikey!
  8. Whoa! Pazt! Those are some Birkins and look at that Kelly! Is it Graphite? You ladies look so chic!!!
  9. My goodness! What a real Birkins fashion parade! I am certain people's eyes popped when they saw all of you together!
  10. 32cm Black Box HAC open....
  11. Graphite!!!!! I am in love! :heart: :heart:
  12. we were sticking out like sore thumbs on an early breakfast get-together at a car dealership (of all places - with our DHs, of course)!

    i would die to have my friend's croc birkin! slave for a day?
  13. Fopduck....that graphite is TO DIE FOR! I love that color.....but would kill for your Black Chevre in a heart beat!
  14. Here's Crikey and Crockey. :P

  15. Pazt, I am positively drooling at your friend's Orange Croc--you all look fantastic!

    Okay, here is Vert Anis in Togo, home from today's lunch w/all its contents, and my Rouge VIF in Chevre with the plastic pillows inside.
    CIMG1182.jpg CIMG1186.jpg