Alternative for Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch?


May 15, 2007
I'm trying to find a stylish, small cross-body that I can wear to the playground and family outings. I love the size of the MAC, because most small swing-pack types are basically flat and I need to be able to carry my wallet, Wet Ones and a snap and shoot camera. Any other suggestions or just wait for a color that I like in the MAC?
Here's a photo for reference:


Jan 18, 2009
How about the Ignes Millie Max? I think the size is about the same as the MAC, maybe slightly larger, and it already comes with a cross-body strap, though you can also customise it any way you want (leather, lining, hardware, strap length, small modifications, etc).

The same goes for the other Ignes bags and clutches as well. You can definitely add cross-body shoulder straps to the bags, though I'm not sure if anyone has ever done that for a clutch. You could always ask Ignacio (one of the co-founders), though! :smile: The leather selection is great, too. Ignacio also seems open towards finding new colours if there's demand for it too, so you're pretty likely to find something you like!


May 16, 2008
I second starkfan's idea! Also, the MAC is very cute and a great size but a lot of folks have been having problems with the loops where the chain handle meets the bag -- they have been breaking...but I think that this construction issue was being addressed...