Alternate MP - Any ideas?

  1. Hi girls

    I am totally afraid of ebay...and do not particularly like it..I have a bunch of vintage LV's and Balenciaga's that I would like to sell - purely because I over-bought and need to save for a new baby?

    Since the marketplace is you girls have any ideas where I could try and sell these bags....Many of them are new and never worn..I would like to know where people go to look for bags......

    what sites do you look at?

    thanks for your advice?
  2. Mypoupette auctions?

  3. this seems like a pretty good site - but it seems that I have to be a seller already to join....

    I am so not a seller. all the bags I have are part of a personal collection.....I have been an avid collector for a couple of years......I am kinda sad to get rid of them but things are changing in my life and I have to sell a couple...
  4. Some people have been using to list bags, but IMO that's not the place to list high end items like LV and Balenciaga. Maybe you can put an ad in the classified section of your newspaper? Overall, I think e-bay may be the best way to go for now :sad:
  5. I find a lot of-umm-strange people on Craigslist-it is all too anonymous and I think this makes for trouble.

    eBay is the safest way to go-as a seller there is nothing to be afraid of-just get a Paypal account and make sure you get your money beforehand.
  6. I don't think that Ebay is necessarily something to be scared of. Just take good photos, be very clear in your explanations, and don't sell to people with negative feedback. If you only have a few to sell, this is probably the best way.
  7. thanks girls....i appreciate the info....well I guess I should try ebay....
  8. I agree, as a seller, it's not that risky, IMO. Buying authentic bags on eBay is more difficult :amuse:
    Good luck with your bags!
  9. give ebay a shot! for every problem transaction, there are thousands of easy ones! i've bought two authentic balenciagas on ebay without a problem - just take good pics, make a professional-sounding description, and make sure you buy insurance and you should have no problem.
  10. eBay can be a pain, but it's not super risky if you take the necessary precautions. And follow the paypal seller protection rules - only ship to a confirmed address, signature if over $250, make sure to buy insurance and delivery confirmation if sending USPS. Take LOTS of pictures, even if you do not include them all in the auction.
  11. go to the community link in ebay.There is one called 'seller central'...great forum that will help you get started selling. I would love to see some of your auctions once they go on!!! Keep us posted if you do start selling :smile:
  12. Please don't show bags you're selling.
  13. Wow I can't wait if you do list on ebay. Some nice bags I am interested in
  14. :shocked: :shocked: Oh how I wish the MP was still open! You have quite a collection there and many of them are on my wish list..... :nuts: :cry: :cry:
  15. wow, that's a lot of bags for sale............. wish I could buy.. need to control self right now.. hehehe..