alternate forum to ebay

  1. hi girls!

    am having problems listing on eBay. what is an alternate forum that one may sell/buy deisgner handbags?

  2. ioffer is out there - but they are really known for selling fakes so if you are inrterested in selling a real bag I wouldn't go there because I doubt anyone would believe you =)
  3. youu could try I guess.
  4. don't know of one for authentic bags. I'd never try to sell an authentic bag on ioffer or craigslist.
  5. have you tried consignment like AFF perhaps?
  6. what is AFF?
  7. stay away from ioffer. just, not good. too many, well, ALL fakes. real ones don't sell next to fake one's priced at 100th of a percent less!