Altering Jeans....

  1. Hi all,

    I have a couple pairs of SFAm and RRs. They are all stretch jeans (usually 1% spandex).
    I have bigger thighs and a smaller waist, so I usually end up with jeans that fit perfect on the thighs, OK on the butt (a little big or just right), and too big on the waist.
    I find by the end of the day the SFAM are doing a good job at holding their shape, but the RRs...OMG they're falling off me by the end of the day. I tried to go down a size, but alas...tooooooo small.

    Any advice? I don't want to dry them on super-hot because it'll shrink the length and I've already had them professionally hemmed.
    Can a tailor take in the waist without making them look horrible?
  2. I have heard that people do that, just take in the waist a bit. I think you can do it if it is not too much but I would go to a really good tailor. I am not sure to which extent they change the jeans though. I had one taken in at the waist and butt (to try it out, not my fav pair) and it changed the jeans quite a bit.