Altering Chain Lengths?

  1. alright, the so the idea of owning a black coco cabas [without the use of eBay] is slowly dwindling... :sad:

    though i put my name on the waiting list for the new "patchwork cabas" which looks...cute. though a little awkward.


    I checked my SA, and she showed me the LARGE Rock. Which, when empty, sags just like the cabas! :heart:33. And I must say, I love the fact The Rock has gold hardware [i love black and gold together] AND a flap. Minus? its almost twice as much as the cabas, and does not come with one of those spiffy makeup pouches on the inside.

    anywho, the chain is a little awkward on me. And i don't want to buy it unless i can alter the chain, and make it longer. I know it will probably cost hundreds more, but im willing to pay it!

    So does anyone know if the chain can be lengthed? and/or how much it will cost?
  2. You are out of luck here. Chanel won't alter their style.
  3. boooo. lame.
  4. yes, chanel will never ever alter any product of theirs, but what you can do is to pull the handles through to one side...then it`s actually long enough to wear messenger-style


    ahhhh!!! now i must get it!

    oh you're so smart! thank youuuuu! i never thought of thatt.hahaha.
  6. Years back I took a Chanel bag to the boutique to have it sent away to be refurbished. It came back with shorter chains. I didn't ask for it but they told me when I picked it up that the bag had a shorter chain now. Am thinking it was one of the bucket bags. Never say never.

  7. hehe, i´m glad i could help...i´m still thinkin about getting it to wear it this way myself but i just can`t help the icky feeling when touching the vinyl...*lol*

    let me know when you got it ;o)
  8. glad you found a solution