altering a LV

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  1. i have a dilemma, i bought and received recently an lv damier macao clutch...i love everything about it, BUT, i really need to put a long strap on it. so my question is, has anyone every altered their lv's in anyway? what i need to do is have another ring put on the other side of the bag (it has one already, to use as a wristlet) and i need to purchase an lv long damier dark brown strap...can this be done? i really love this bag, but know i will never use it as is...should i return it or should i alter it to my liking?? thanks for any input on this...
  2. I wouldn't alter it, I would just return it. It might look ugly and you can't return it if you've altered it. I would just search for another bag that suits all my needs. But that's just my opinion, you really should think about what you like most. If you are sure that you would love it when it's altered, then you should have it altered.
  3. I don't recommend altering it. It won't look right. Maybe you should just exchange it for a pochette accesoires if you are really wanting a strap for something of that size. GoodLVck!
  4. If you bought the long ebene adjustable strap, you could just clip BOTH ends of the strap to the same d-ring on the Macao clutch so that it hangs vertically instead of horizontally. I own the Macao clutch and love it. But, I would not recommend altering the Macao clutch by adding another d-ring on the other side. And, I don't think LV would do this either for you since it's not part of the actual design - although it would make sense to have d-rings on either side of the bag!
  5. I agree!

    If you seriously want to have a small bag with a long strap, just get a pochette+long strap and return the macao pouch (which I think is absolutely adorable and personally I'd keep this!)
  6. I totally agree with the above posts. Just loop the strap and have it attach to the same ring. It would make a great wristlet that way. I think it would look better than having two rings on the bag. It would be a lot easier for you too!
  7. I think there's no need to alter a bag, given the huge number of bag choices out there. I think LV allows addition of D-rings, etc to luggages, but I don't know if they take these special orders on bags. Even if they do, it takes a long time and costs a lot. If you get it done elsewhere, it voids any LV warranty.
  8. thanks all for your replies; i have decided to return the clutch; i also have the vernis minna street which has the long strap....
  9. Great decision!