Altering a burberry trench

  1. I am wondering if a trench can be altered or will this destry the interior lining. Of course I will have my tailor do it but I really want my trench to be shorter like in between hip and knee which would be about a foot taken off... Any suggestions or anything would be great

  2. Definitely, they actually do it for you for free at the Burberry store when you buy a new trench! An experienced tailor will recommend where the alterations should be made, good luck with your alterations :smile:
  3. Thanks! Actually its a vintage that I don't want to wear because its too long! I really would like to use it as its in GREAT condition but I tend to not wear coats or jackets past my knee KWIM??
  4. I just had my trench altered at the Burberry store where it was purchased. They took up the sleeves, took in the torso, and would have easily shortened it for me if I had wanted that too. Your alteration should be easily achieved by a good tailor.
  5. Good luck .....please post before and after pics!